Jason Kelce Stirs Debate With a Bold Declaration About ‘Big Chapstick’

Jason Kelce swiftly generated debate online after sharing his honest thoughts about chapstick use.

The topic arose during a recent episode of New Heights, the podcast that the former Philadelphia Eagles center co-hosts with his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. While discussing their anticipated appearance at this year’s American Century Championship, an annual celebrity golf event taking place July 10-14 at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe, Nev., Jason asked his younger brother for some advice.

After sharing tips on how to navigate the golf course, Travis urged his brother to combat the altitude by bringing some chapstick.

“I do not wear chapstick,” Jason declared, adding that his lips will “auto-regulate” if they do succumb to the dry weather. “The mustache also keeps the moisture on them,” he said.

Travis laughed in response, telling his older brother, “I’m not sure if you understand how that works.”

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“I don’t wear chapstick,” Jason reiterated. “Big chapstick causes your lips to dry out. And then you have to put more chapstick on. So I just don’t put the chapstick on in the first place, and my lips don’t dry out.”

Though he avoids chapstick use, the former NFL star admitted that he can’t always dodge it when his wife, Kylie Kelce, wears it.

“Sometimes when I kiss her, I get it on my lips, and then I’m furious,” the father of three said. "But I don’t tell her, because she’s my wife and I love her.”

When the podcast shared a clip of the brothers’ chapstick conversation on X, formerly Twitter, Jason’s take stirred debate among fans.

“He can’t say he wasn’t warned,” one seemingly pro-chapstick X user wrote as another joked they were “watching this while wearing chapstick.”

“See I’m opposite,” another fan wrote. “When my wife puts chapstick on I make sure to kiss her to steal some of it so I’m always good.”

“Anti-chapstick? Eek!” one person tweeted, adding, “I have my purse chapstick, my car chapstick, my bedside table chapstick, my on-my-way-out chapstick and my coffee-table drawer chapstick, and my work desk drawer chapstick….”

But several X users aligned with Jason’s opinion.

“Jason, my husband is in 100% agreement with you,” one person tweeted while another suggested, “if you breathe through your nose, you have no need for chapstick.”

“Chapstick has alcohol in it. It literally dries your lips out,” one X user said.

"First it was Big Soap,” one X user tweeted, referencing an earlier New Heights debate. “Now Big Chapstick. What will try to take us over next?”

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