Is Janine Allis replacing Lord Sugar on Celebrity Apprentice?

Is Janine Allis replacing Lord Sugar on Celebrity Apprentice? Find out more.

Video transcript

- Loved you on "Celebrity Apprentice" as well. Like, how is it going now watching it back on TV?

JANINE ALLIS: Oh, it's great. I mean, the-- when you're actually there, it's like-- "Celebrity Apprentice" is like all the various reality shows put into one. It's a cooking show, it's a [? variety ?] show, it's everything. And the guys worked so hard for their charity, it is incredible. So we've got two more nights to the finale.

- OK, yeah.

JANINE ALLIS: And, no, it was-- it's intense, but good. It's really good.

- I remember it was quite a call for you to replace Lord Sugar, as well, after the first season. Like, I would love to see you as the female CEO of it all, but-- but I mean, that's not up to me, but I was-- I'm a big fan. Would you ever?

JANINE ALLIS: Well look, I think that you look at every opportunity and you have a look at it, don't you? I mean, it would be fun. But, you know, he does a great job, and--

- Yeah.

JANINE ALLIS: --so, who knows. Maybe a woman should be [? next. ?]

- Exactly.


- Has there been a favorite TV moment from the past year that-- in Australian TV, that's something that stands out to you?

JANINE ALLIS: Look, I think the winner of "Survivor" was pretty cool.

- Yes.

JANINE ALLIS: Yeah, with Mark. That was good.

- Yeah.

JANINE ALLIS: You know, I think, to be honest, the next two episodes of "Celebrity Apprentice"-- not even pushing it-- that is crazy emotional.

- OK.

JANINE ALLIS: So I actually think they will be the best moments in TV for the year, because it is that good. I know I'm biased, but seriously, it's that good.

- Would you ever go back to a "Survivor?" I mean, I know you killed it the first time. You were so close to winning it. You were my favorite, and my mom was cheering on you as well, but would you ever go back on?

JANINE ALLIS: Oh, it's a hard one, because will I ever get to-- that close again? Will-- and we had such a great group. I mean, David's here--

- Yeah.

JANINE ALLIS: --loved working with David. My best friend, Pia, you know-- so, I don't heart. We'll see. I don't think-- I'll never say never, but I think it's unlikely.

- OK, yeah. That's fine. That's fine. Well, it's been so lovely to meet you, as well. Best of luck with everything tonight, and yeah, just lovely to meet you. Enjoy.

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