James Holzhauer avenges loss, wins 'Jeopardy!' Tournament of Champions

Jack Baer
James Holzhauer is a champion again. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

It’s not going to give him another chance at history, but “Jeopardy!” legend James Holzhauer was at least able to avenge his shocking loss and win $250,000 in the process in an episode that aired Friday.

Facing librarian Emma Boettcher — who ended his historic run earlier this year — in the two-day final of the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions, Holzhauer held on to a sizable lead to capture what will surely be the first of many “Jeopardy” special event titles.

How Jeopardy James got back into the win column

The Las Vegas-based professional gambler grabbed a significant lead in Thursday’s episode, holding $49,326 to Boettcher’s $26,400 and the third contestant’s $1,800.

That lead would dwindle in Friday’s episode though, with Boettcher well within striking distance of Holzhauer if he failed to answer Final Jeopardy correctly.

The category of the decisive clue: “International disputes.” The answer: “A dispute over Etorofu, Habomai, Kunashiri & Shikotan has kept these 2 countries from ever signing a WWII peace treaty.”

All three contestants responded correctly with Russia and Japan, giving Holzhauer the win with $76,923 to Boettcher's $65,000. That gave Holzhauer the $250,000 grand prize, with Boettcher getting a respectable $100,000 for her challenge.

If anything, this proves Boettcher’s win over Holzhauer wasn’t a fluke. She really was the second-best player to hit the iconic show this year.

The tournament title will increase Holzhauer’s lifetime winnings to $2,712,219, putting him on his way to challenge Brad Rutter’s $4,688,436 and Ken Jennings’ $3,370,700 on the all-time total winnings leaderboard.

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