James Charles sparks massive backlash with 'pregnancy' shoot

Sarah Carty
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US beauty influencer James Charles has faced a stream of backlash online after pretending to be pregnant for 24 hours.

The 21-year-old uploaded a photo to his Instagram page, showing him cradling a fake bump, before he shared a video to his YouTube page where he was ‘challenged to be pregnant for 24 hours’.

James Charles pregnant
James Charles posed for a fake pregnancy shoot. Photo: Instagram/James Charles

Fans were left unimpressed by the stunt, with people slamming the influencer for being ‘insensitive’ and ‘disrespectful’.

“I love kids but I don’t want my own, I just can’t,” he could be heart saying at the beginning of the video before donning a fake bump and taking part in a birth simulation.


“Something about this does not sit right with me,” a person can be heard saying in the background during the video.

James Charles then posted his ‘pregnancy’ shoot to his Instagram page, where the backlash was swift.

James Charles in blue top and blue makeup
The beauty influencer angered many people online. Photo: Instagram/James Charles

“This is so disrespectful for every woman out there,” one person said.

“I love you James. But be ready to expect backlash. This wasn’t a good move. It’s very insensitive & I’m generally not a sensitive person. Sorry bud. This ain’t right,” another person wrote.

Others agreed, saying: “This is not okay” and “This is a big NO very insensitive”.

Some people didn’t understand the hate, with one person saying James would make a ‘great father’.

James Charles in a tracksuit
James Charles has millions of followers online. Photo: Instagram/James Charles

“It’s literally a youtube challenge. my goodness. He literally said that all video proceeds are going to be donated to pregnancy complications companies. I really worry about y’all,” another said.

At the end of the YouTube video, James said that he was donating a portion of the proceeds from the video to charities that help people through pregnancy complications

James, who has 25.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 26.8 million followers on Instagram has not replied to the backlash.

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