Jackie O opens up over 'creep' celeb she refuses to work with

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

As part of her work as KIIS FM radio host, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson deals with celebrity interviews on a daily basis.

However opening up on air, Jackie has revealed there is one male A-list celeb that she refuses to work with after their first interview together was just “too full on” on the creepy scale.

While the 43-year-old mother refused to name names she certainly had plenty to say about the encounter.

Jackie O has opened up about a radio interview with an A-list celeb who crossed the line of what’s appropriate. Source: Instagram / Jackie O

“There was one I refused to interview ever again, because he made me feel so uncomfortable and you [co-host Kyle Sandilands] know who it is, because I said to you ‘We’re never, ever having him on ever again, because he was such a creep!'”

Even Kyle, who, if we’re honest, can sometimes be a bit much himself, admitted that this guy crossed the line.

“Being a nut-job creep predator is another thing,” Kyle remarked.

Even Kyle Sandilands agreed that this star “was too full on.” Source: KIIS FM

What makes this worse, is it sounds like this behaviour is not a one-time thing.

Jackie went on to explain that she has spoken to other women in the industry and they had the same experience.

“He’s just a creep and there’s a lot of girls who don’t want to talk to this particular person,” she insisted.

Jackie ‘O’ now along with others females in the industry now refuse to work with him. Source: KIIS FM

Essentially the problem lies in some people believing that their fame entitles them to such behaviour.

While Jackie admitted that flirty chat is not uncommon, she implied that this man took it too far.

And with the #MeToo movement in full swing, we wouldn’t be surprised if this celeb’s behaviour comes back to bite him in the media.

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