Jake Ellis spills on The Bachelors 'villain' Tash

The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise star Jake Ellis sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack 'The Bachelors' 2023.

Video transcript

JAKE ELLIS: Um, yeah, I have met her a few times when she was dating Michael Turnbull after paradise, which was-- which was interesting. Like, what you're seeing on TV is, like, 100% what she's like, I think. I've-- yeah, I've seen her be kicked out of an event. Let's just put it that way. And it was-- yeah, it was scary. So when I saw her face pop up I'm like, yeah, well, this would be interesting, which no doubt, it has been so.

From what I know of Tash and what I met-- when I met her, I think she just wanted to be on a reality TV show for five years. So I think she's finally got there, I guess. But in saying that, it is making for pretty good TV. I think-- I think she's just read the how to be the villain on "The Bachelor" handbook, probably. And she's just playing it to a T so she's getting a lot of airtime.