Jake Ellis reacts to The Bachelors 2023 best moments

The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise star Jake Ellis sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack episodes four and five of 'The Bachelors'.

Video transcript

JAKE ELLIS: The other two that I've just, like, gone along with it, like, we're probably going to be kicked off the next week anyway. I'm Jake Ellis from season 2 of "The Bachelorette" and seasons 1 and 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise."

If anything, this experience has taught me that I'm still in love. And I'm going to take a chance. I'm going to go fight for our love and who I'm in love with. Today, I'm recapping the biggest moments from episodes 4 and 5 of the "Bachelor's 2023" with Yahoo Lifestyle.

- Nothing out there felt, yeah, really normal. And I drove past my daughter's school.

- Oh.

- Yeah.

- You have a daughter?

- Yeah.

- How old is she?

- Wow. Oh, my God.

- Yeah.

- Wow.

- Yeah.

- She is a mom. And she has two beautiful kids. Oh, gosh. My deal breaker was that. Like, I wasn't really looking-- nothing wrong with it, but just I was-- in my vision of my partner wasn't to partner up with their mom.

- Yeah, well, he's really-- his reaction is, like, it's not the best. Like, I could just say that was very put on. Yeah, but I'd probably be the same.

I think that's a pretty big thing, like, to announce. Obviously, not expecting. In Bachelor world, that would have been, like, day three or day four in filming or very early on.

So for us, obviously, it's super late. But I think that would have been brought up pretty early probably. As being a mother, I think it's, like-- obviously, it's a great thing. But obviously, not for him at the time, so.

- Jasmine, will you accept this rose?

- I think that throughout the time in mansion here, I have been very true to myself. And I've been very--

- I like Jasmine.

- --up front. And I've stood my ground. And as much as I think you're a beautiful person, I don't think I can accept the rose from you.

- Wow.

- Jasmine.

- Oh.

- Thomas picking up the slack?

- Jasmine, will you accept this rose?

- Absolutely.

- Wow. Rose ceremony. Shoot down. Look, I've refused rose before. So I know how that feels. Yeah, that's pretty gutting.

Like, that would be-- like, that's big drama, especially for the "Bachelor." Like, Jen would be feeling pretty upset. Yeah, I always-- I thought that from when I was watching at the start, like, obviously, there's all the-- there's so many girls. And the guys are bringing them in.

But it's not like they're locked in from day one to that bachelor, isn't it? That's the whole point of it. So I'm surprised that this hasn't happened already or that it's only happening just now. Like, think of "Bachelor in Paradise." Like, everyone swaps every day, which is probably not a good thing, but that did happen.

- The Rose ceremony. There was some tension at the mansion. And things escalated. And ultimately, what happens is that Marjorie--

- Bunch of fake [BLEEP] isn't there, that's what I say.

- Tash Candyce--

- So fake. Fake, fake, fake, fake.

- And CJ--

- They've hopefully got what they've come for.

- --all chose to leave the mansion.

- No way.

- In protest, yes.

- Tash.

- Tash Candyce, yes.

- Wow. The other two that have just, like, gone along with it, like, were probably going to be kicked off next week anyway. Like, I don't even know who they were. And I've been watching the episode. I think I saw them for two seconds, which sounds mean.

But obviously, if, you know, Tash has just rallied up to people that we're probably going to be leaving soon anyway, and then say come on, let's go. Let's make a scene. But, like, this Tash chick blows me away.

She's like the Kim Kardashian of "The Bachelor." I feel like that's what she thinks she is at the moment. You really don't do it for drama. Like, you know, obviously, Tash comes back, which I think is-- it was all part of the plan of how the show was going to pan out.

Like, the producers have a whole-- they have a whole story in their head when they put this together. And, like, I love the producers. They're all legends, and they're good at what they do. So I feel like this was some sort of a plan.

But, like, for the other two working out, like, it was that episode or it was next episode that we're either getting walking or without getting walked. Mine was obviously a bit different than that walk out. Like, I wasn't walking it out, calling everyone fake [BLEEP] and put my studies on I'm being demanded to be driven somewhere.

No. So, yeah, it was a bit different. Like, obviously, it was the last season of paradise that I was on. When I went back that last time, it just sort of reminded me of the relationship I did have with my ex, which was obviously Megan. Because we met on that season 1.

were filming in Fiji, so it's a different thing than just driving down the road of the Gold Coast, you know. Obviously, it's a big ordeal. And you don't really want to leave Fiji ever.

But, yeah, as I started feeling, obviously, you know, I brought that to-- I've got a producer that sort of looks after certain people, obviously, for everyone that's there. And, yeah, I just told them how I was feeling and what I wanted to do. And, you know, obviously, they double check that that's what you want to do.

Do you really want to do this? And then they sort of obviously try to help you figure out the best way of doing so. I think for me, it was a lot different because I was walking out for a chance at a relationship, whereas these girls were just walking out for an MTV moment or to just cause.

Either as much sort of air time as possible or as much of a scene as possible. So I feel like the producer has been like, yes, like, be loud. Go nuts. Tell everyone [BLEEP] is like, you know, all that kind of stuff. Whereas for me, it was more so, like, how can we make you look like you really walk out for love and blah, blah, blah. So I think it's a bit different.