Jaime King loves baby sipes

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Jaime King loves baby sipes

Jaime King

Jaime King claims baby wipes "changed her life".

The 'Hart of Dixie' actress - who has two-year-old James and 15-month-old Leo Thames with husband Kyle Newman - resorted to the disposable clothes to clean her own face when she ran out of make-up remover and has now discovered they are the best thing for her skin.

Asked her favourite beauty products, she said: "Neat Cheeks--they're Stevia-based wipes to clean your kid's face (or whatever) and I started using them because I ran out of make-up wipes.

"When it comes to taking off my makeup, they've changed my life. I'll use those and then I'll use WEI Beauty's cleansing products on top of it."

The 37-year-old beauty prefers to use organic products because she is mindful that was goes on her skin will be absorbed into her body.

She told E! Online: "I am a thorough researcher of anything organic in regards to beauty products. It's something I think is incredibly essential and, you know, you're always looking for the one that really works.

"It truly is a new concept in terms of innovation and when I discovered WEI Beauty, the whole idea of farm-to-face was a real game-changer for me.

"There's just something about the line that's clean and beautiful and nourishing and elegant--from the packaging to what it actually does for your skin.

"I have really dry skin, and there are a lot of things on the market you can put on your skin, but they're all going directly into your body, so it feels really good knowing that I'm putting things into my body that are actually really good for me.

"Also, I've noticed my skin's been glowing since I started using their products."

For as long as she can remember, Jaime has always favoured a red lip.

She said: "Mine has always been red. Ever since I was a kid, it's always been red. I also feel like it's a very dramatic, classic, beautiful colour. When people think about my classic look, I think they see me with clean skin, lashes and a red lip."