Jacob Elordi reveals why he always carries a purse

Jacob Elordi reveals why he always carries a purse

Jacob Elordi has revealed the real reason why he never leaves home without a purse.

The Australian actor may assume the role of a temperamental jerk in Euphoria, as well as a cookie-cutter football player in The Kissing Booth, but the actor himself is far different. Elordi’s true persona has a fervor for fashion, specifically designer bags.

The 26-year-old Hollywood star has been a purse aficionado since realising the inherent convenience of a bag. Speaking to GQ Magazine for its 2023 Men of the Year cover story, the Priscilla lead detailed how his appreciation for the accent pieces developed into a full-blown collection of luxury picks after he left Australia for the City of Angels.

How Elordi sees it – being from Australia taught him about the function of bags, while the Saltburn star’s mature taste in purses was a consequence of his fame.

“Where I grew up, we had a culture where you wore bum bags, fanny packs,” he told the outlet. “When I leave home, I need to have a certain thing from every category with me in case I get bored - a book, a notepad, rolls of film, a camera, a pen.”

During his cameo on GQ’s “My Essentials” series, Elordi exposed the essentials he’d tucked into a Shakespeare and Company tote bag, which he dubbed entertaining enough to carry around. Inside of the enlarged shoulder bag was a deck of cards, a set of watercolours, a vintage cigarette case, about four books, and some film. His newest must-have is a pocket watch set to Australian time given to him by his mom.

“I never bought a bag. Maybe that should be something that is exposed about Hollywood,” the on-screen regular confessed. “All these people think, I wish I had that lifestyle. I mean, yes, to get them for free - that’s great.”

“What a great lifestyle,” Elordi continued. “But people that have all this money aren’t spending it. You just get sent stuff. It blows my mind.”

Although Elordi’s not one to shop through Bottega Veneta or Louis Vuitton in search of a new style fresh off the runway, he acknowledges and honours the beauty of these leather goods when brands send them to him.

More than that, the actor enjoys going to fashion shows and sitting front row at a house’s seasonal debut. In fact, Elordi has been seen gallivanting around London, Milan, and Paris, heading to Burberry and Valentino with a satchel strewn across his shoulder.

But although the movie star’s street style has earned him a seat at some of the most exclusive fashion shows each season, Elordi is more focused on his craft. In theatres now, Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla presents the tall actor as none other than the King of Rock and Roll. Working alongside Cailee Spaeny, the lead who plays Priscilla Presley, the two were able to bring the reality of the renowned rock star’s wife to the big screen.