Jackie O insists she isn't following a 'starvation diet'

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After detailing her day on a plate yesterday, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has defended her food choices insisting she does not follow a “starvation diet”.

The radio host has been criticised for what she eats in a day, which consists of no breakfast and just coffee, one avocado for lunch and some chicken and veggies for dinner.

Mia Findlay, an ambassador for the Butterfly Foundation – a charity which offers support for eating disorders and body image issues – expressed her “concern” over Jackie O publicising her diet choices.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has been criticised for publicising her food choices. Source: Instagram / Jackie O

“I am fairly concerned about the demographic of listeners that heard that,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “Her lack of awareness is very worrying.”

“Most would classify that as a starvation diet,” she added.

The ambassador went on to claim the KIIS FM host was “encouraging eating disorders”.

Jackie has a thing or two to say about today's Daily Telegraph article criticising her diet… Check out her response here >> http://bit.ly/2ANBSwe

Posted by Kyle and Jackie O on Monday, August 6, 2018

However Jackie hit back at the claims, insisting she would never encourage unhealthy eating habits.

“Saying that I’m starving myself is so incorrect and so not the message that I want to be sending out there,” she said on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The 43-year-old admitted that, just like everyone, she indulges from time to time.

Jackie slammed the claims, insisting she would never encourage unhealthy eating habits on the Kyle and Jackie O Show. Source: KIIS FM

“Maybe what I should have clarified is while I’m doing that on some days, I don’t eat that every single day,” Jackie explained. “If we want pizza, I’ll have pizza. If we want to go out for a pho, I’ll eat that.”

The radio star also clarified that her 10kg weight loss happened over the course of a year.

“I still allow myself all the things I want, but there are days during the week where I eat less,” she said. “I do eat chips, that’s my weakness. I love a packet of chips.”

However, Jackie did admit that on the days she decides to eat less she feels “better” and “healthier”.

“I feel healthy compared to a year ago. I felt terrible, I had no energy,” Jackie said. “I feel a lot better and healthier and I won’t apologise for that.”

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