Jack Quaid agrees that he's a nepo baby: 'I am an immensely privileged person'

The star of "The Boys" is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan.

Jack Quaid totally gets the whole nepo baby thing.

The son of actors Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, the younger Quaid acknowledged in a new interview with The Daily Beast that people have called him a nepo baby.

"I'm inclined to agree," The Boys star said. "I am an immensely privileged person, was able to get representation pretty early on, and that's more than half the battle. I knew the door was open for me in a lot of ways that it's just not for a lot of actors. And I've just tried to work as hard as I possibly can to prove that I deserve to walk through that door. So if that's in the rom-com space, it's got to be different enough, and I need to work my a-- off."

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<p>James Devaney/Getty</p> Meg Ryan is the mother of Jack Quaid

James Devaney/Getty

Meg Ryan is the mother of Jack Quaid

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Quaid was referencing Ryan's status as the "undisputed queen of rom-coms." He is correct!

And speaking of Ryan, Quaid was asked about what he thought when she defended him against the label in a November interview that she did with Glamour: "That nepo stuff is so dismissive of his work ethic, his gifts, and how sensitive he is to the idea of his privilege," the When Harry Met Sally star said.

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<p>Eric Charbonneau/Getty</p> Jack Quaid attends a Golden Globes after-party with dad Dennis Quaid in January

Eric Charbonneau/Getty

Jack Quaid attends a Golden Globes after-party with dad Dennis Quaid in January

"My first thought was like, she's being a mom. She's being a loving mom," he said. "But I don't think she's trying to say that I'm not a nepo baby. I think she's just trying to say that, in her opinion, it undermines my talent. I don't think it undermines my talent. I know that I work hard, and I know I've heard 'no' way more than I've heard 'yes.' But I also know that this industry is insanely hard to break into, and I had an easier time doing that than most. Both things can be true. So no, I don't think she was trying to say that I'm not a privileged person. She knows. She must know. I think she was being a mom."

Now 32, Quaid was born a little more than a year before the release of Ryan's smash hit romantic comedies, Sleepless in Seattle.

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