"Get Over Yourself, Dude": Jack Antonoff Is Being Called Out For His "Rude" Red Carpet Behavior

You probably know Jack Antonoff — he's a famous singer, musician, and a frequent collaborator of Taylor Swift's.

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Well, he's currently getting called out for his "rude" interview with comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg at the GQ Men of the Year Awards on Wednesday.

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The interview began with Amelia — who's known for her awkward interviewing style — greeting Jack and telling him it was "nice to meet" him.

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Jack didn't respond; he just stood there, looking around the room.

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Continuing to try to make conversation, Amelia asked Jack if the glasses he was wearing were real. “Of course, they are real,” he shot back. “That’s extremely fucking offensive.”

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Amelia jokingly replied that the frames looked "a bit fake," which only seemed to make Jack more annoyed. “That’s like asking, ‘Are you a piece of shit? Are you a piece of shit?'” he asked.

Closeup of Jack Antonoff
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"Yeah, that is true," Amelia conceded. "People who wear fake glasses are the worst kind of people." Then, she changed the subject, but the awkwardness between them was palpable.

British GQ / Twitter: @darawyliv

"This is astonishingly bad," one redditor said of the interview, "like, worse than I could've imagined. I've worn glasses for just about my whole life, and I can't understand being genuinely offended if someone asked if they were fake lol. A lot of people wear fake glasses. Get over yourself, dude."


Another said Jack needs to "have some humility."

"When will people realize he is a massive prick lol. So self-important like everything he makes is the best thing ever. Idk it rubs me the wrong way. Have some humilty"

"Dude's insufferable and thinks everything he touches is gold," a third wrote.

"Dudes insufferable and thinks everything he touches is gold"

Meanwhile, others believed that Jack was just trying to be funny and sarcastic with Amelia, and it came off wrong.

"i am by no means a jack antonoff stan but the point of her interviews is that they’re awkward!!!!! he tried to match her energy," one fan wrote. "And yeah it came off a lil cringe and didn’t totally land but why are people acting like he told her to k*ll h*****f or something. the internet is weird."

Twitter: @pizzadrienne

"In most of the recent interviews I've seen with Amelia, the celebs are playing along with her by insulting her, flirting with her, or generally being weird. He just wasn't charismatic enough to pull it off very well," a second fan said.

"He just wasn't charismatic enough to pull it off very well"

British GQ / Twitter: @darawyliv

"Yes same, could he have gone about it better? Absolutely. I don't think he meant to be rude though - he was clearly trying to play off her kid of dry humour but the delivery was bad"

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