The internet's divided after this woman's husband shared their bed

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This woman wasn’t happy to share her sheets with her hubby’s friend Photo: Getty Images

A woman has taken to social media to vent her fury after her husband shared their bed with a friend while she was away, but the responses aren’t as sympathetic as she may have expected.

The horrified wife discovered that her husband’s buddy crashed in their bed while she was on a weekend away, and the internet is divided over whether she’s overreacting, or justifiably upset.

“We have other places to sleep’” the bewildered wife wrote on a thread posted to Mumsnet.

“He thinks I’m being wildly unreasonable, but I’m quite p***** off – I’d like to think our bedroom is a private space, let alone our actual bed…!”

This woman couldn’t believe her husband let someone in her bed Photo: Getty Images

To top it all off, the woman says the husband never even told her. She discovered the clandestine slumber party by mistake.

Some users were sympathetic, agreeing the situation was at best odd, at worst disrespectful.

“I think that is incredibly weird,” said one user.

“No I wouldn’t like that at all though – invasion of privacy,” another agreed.

“Really weird,” commiserate a third. “I’d be livid if someone slept in our bed with no reason to.”

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Many, however said the woman was being ‘precious’ and saw no issue with the friend staying in the couple’s bed.

“Meh, I wouldn’t be bothered,” said one mum. “Change the bedding if you are.”

“I honestly wouldn’t bat an eyelid,” said another user.

While the woman insists she is upset not by her husband sharing a bed with a friend, but by her husband sharing her bed with a friend, other questioned if the woman would apply the same standards to herself.

“I have bed shared with friends lots of times, what’s weird about it?” queried an exasperated user.

“I have slept in a bed with female friends several times,” another agreed. “Don’t see the problem, tbh.”

Another voiced what many were clearly thinking directly: “ It’s only a bed.”

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With the internet divided, would you feel weird if your significant other’s mate cosied up in your sheets?

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