Internet freaks out over JLo's abs at 49

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to showing off her incredibly toned physique on Instagram and in her latest snap, it’s her abs sending the internet into a spin.

The 49-year-old took to her social media account to update followers on a 10-day diet she’s in the middle of, and how she’s feeling on day four.

By the looks of her rock hard abs, it’s easy to tell that she’s feeling pretty good.

In her caption, the singer also asked “Who’s with me?” and fans shared their own stories of taking a break from carbs and sugar as well.

“Okay I’m cleaning and packing up all the sugar, fake sugar and carbs in the house,” one person responded.

“That body takes a lot of work and discipline,” another said.

Others just praised JLo’s incredible looks as she approaches 50.

“You don’t age!!!” a fan wrote.

“I need a bit of that fountain of youth,” another said.

Jennifer’s boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, is also taking part in the detox and documenting it on his own Instagram.

The two have started challenging their friends to do it with them as it becomes more difficult.

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