The internet is baffled by extremely revealing 'clingfilm' pants trend

Olivia Morris
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Another week, another strange trend item is being sold by online retailers.

This week’s culprit? None other than budget-friendly fashion site ASOS.

Many fans of the online shop have been left baffled by a new pair of trousers on the website – which are totally see-through.

Er, is this fashion? Source: ASOS

One Twitter user took to the social media platform to share her confusion over the fashion item.

“I love ASOS but why on earth would you wear that?” they wrote.

Another likened the trousers to “clingfilm” – to be honest, we couldn’t agree more.

They don’t just come in a simple see-through colour though, they also come in sheer black.

“ASOS has lost it,” another Twitter user said, posting pictures of the same trousers in black.

Just how much will these clingfilm-like pants set you back? A whopping $80.00.

Not sure about you, but we’ll be sticking to our traditional trousers made with actual material.

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