How to install ChatGPT on your iPhone or Mac

MacGPT puts a ChatGPT shortcut in your Mac menu  (MacGPT)
MacGPT puts a ChatGPT shortcut in your Mac menu (MacGPT)

OpenAI’s ChatGPT arrived last December and the chatbot has quickly become a useful tool for students, workers, and virtually anyone researching a topic.

The AI text generator is currently only available in the UK through a web or mobile browser, but that could change in the near future as an official iOS app just launched in the US.

While you wait for it to reach these shores, you can put ChatGPT on your Mac or iPhone for quick and easy access using two free apps. Here’s how to install MacGPT and GeePeeTee for iOS, and get chatting with the popular chatbot.

Is there a ChatGPT desktop app?

Although ChatGPT does not boast an official desktop app, you can use the bot on your Mac and iPhone by installing a couple of third-party apps, known as MacGPT and GeePeeTee, respectively.

Both apps are free (though you can make an optional donation for MacGPT) and were created by a developer named Jordi Bruin.

Before downloading the apps for your Mac or iPhone, make sure you have signed up to use ChatGPT on its website as you’ll need to have an account in order to use them.

How to access ChatGPT on Mac/iPhone

On Mac

In a nutshell, MacGPT allows you to chat with ChatGPT in its own window separate from your browser. But its core feature is the ability to quickly access the bot through the Mac menu. Think of it as a shortcut for the browser-based version of ChatGPT.

You can also tweak the settings to adjust the length of ChatGPT’s responses, adjust the menu view width, and set it up to respond inside text fields on other apps, such as Notes on Mac. To do the latter, you will need to ensure your Mac is updated to MacOS 13, create a personal API key via the OpenAI website, and add that on the app’s “native” tab.

On iPhone

You can speak to ChatGPT on your iPhone using the GeePeeTee app (GeePeeTee)
You can speak to ChatGPT on your iPhone using the GeePeeTee app (GeePeeTee)

Meanwhile, GeePeeTee is an iOS app that lets you start multiple conversations with the bot on your iPhone. Again, you’ll need your API key in order to use it.

Like MacGPT, the iPhone app offers easy access to ChatGPT’s posts without the need for a browser. This makes it much easier to copy the result to another app.

Plus, you can even use your voice to “talk” to the bot, courtesy of the voice-to-text conversion feature. Siri, eat your robot heart out.