Instagrammer applauded for relatable photo of her 'belly rolls'

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Chessie King's followers are loving her latest body positive post. Instagram/chessiekingg.

Chessie King has dared to bare her belly rolls in front of her half-a-million Instagram followers - and they’re loving her for it.

The 26-year-old health and fitness blogger - and self-professed ‘body confidence spreader’ - posted a side-by-side photo on Wednesday that put her tummy rolls front and centre.

“Because I’d be lying if I just posted the left photo... unzipping my jumpsuit when I got home today was right up there with the feeling of taking my bra off at the end of the day,” she captioned the snap.

Chessie’s body positive post reached almost 27,000 likes in the first four hours after it was posted and her fans were full of praise in the comments section.

“I love how REAL you are,” wrote one.

“I want to marry your belly rolls!!!” said another.

“You've honestly made me feel better about my body,” thanked another.

“You’re SO inspiring! Honestly it’s ridiculous how down I get on myself some days, but your posts make me feel so much better!!” was one commenter’s message.

“Please can the world be filled with more people like you?,” asked another.

Chessie’s journey to body love

This isn’t the first time Chessie has stripped down to show off her real and unfiltered figure to the world.

Through her social media presence, Chessie has been refreshingly open about her years-long struggle to accept herself and her body just as it is.

“Dear body, after 7 years of trying every possible way to change you... we can finally go on holiday together without me thinking horrible things about you,” she captioned a smiley snap of herself showing off her belly.

Chessie recalled how her body became her "best friend." Instagram/chessiekingg.

“We can finally wear a bikini together without me covering you up the whole time, I can finally post photos of us without wanting to edit bits of you, I can finally feed you all the yummy food that you deserve... we can finallllly be best friends and not enemies,” she added.

In another post, Chessie recalled a painful experience from when she was 22 years old and taking part in her first - and only - swimsuit competition.

“18 weeks of training for my one and only bikini competition came down to being judged on stage in just 25 seconds,” she captioned the photo.

“My feedback ‘she was too big for her category’,” she revealed.

Back in March, Chessie appeared in a hilarious viral video by British TV star Davina McCall, 51.

In the clip - which has been viewed almost 650,000 times - the two ladies dance around in sports bras singing, “we don’t care what you think!”

Along her journey, the blonde beauty has also created the hashtag #dearbodythankyou - which encourages others to share empowering photos and messages of self-love - as well as C.KRET Prints, a range of inspirational wall prints.

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