Instagram star calls out follower's 'tips' for avoiding explicit pics

Olivia Morris
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Oh social media. Sometimes it’s fantastic, and sometimes you get people giving unsolicited advice on how to live your life.

Recently the latter was the case for Instagram star and one half of the Swedish YouTube duo ‘TheLineUp’, Julia Dang.

Instagram and YouTube star Julia Dang has called out a male follower for his ‘tips for less d–k pics’.  Source: Instagram/juliaadang

One follower decided to offer her some “tips” on what she should do to receive fewer “d**k pics”.

Apparently, the way to stop strangers from sending her unsolicited, explicit images, is for her to stop  posting photos of herself to her own Instagram account.

The follower’s comment with some “tips” for Julia. Source: Instagram/juliaadang

However being the girl boss she is, Julia didn’t let the supposed “tips” slide.

Taking to her 130,000-strong Instagram following, the 21-year-old addressed the “misogynistic comment”.

Even better, she did so by posting some photos of herself not taking the commenter’s advice.

Julia hit back at the follower not taking his advice, in the best possible way. Source: Instagram/juliaadang

“Why do men assume they’re entitled to everything concerning a woman and especially her body?” she wrote. “Can I not post a picture wearing as much or as little clothing as I want, without having men blame me that it’s my fault I’m being DM’d [direct messaged] d**k pics?

“This logic is unfortunately still being used as argument for rape. Women should never be held accountable for a man’s sexist behaviours.”

The Swedish social media star pointed out it is, in fact, 2018 and women should feel empowered to “embrace our bodies”.

Julia further explained that this year has marked a turn in how confident she’s felt in her body, and if she wants to show that off to her audience who choose to follow her, she should be able to so without having a man “shame” her.

Julia explained this year she has been more empowered and confident than ever in her body, and she wants to show that to her followers. Source: Instagram/juliaadang

“If you’re a man and feel offended, stop sexualising women and check yourself,” Julia continued. “If not offended, please continue supporting women having the right to do whatever f**k they want with their bodies.

“And to women, Y’ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL. Wear your clothes for yourself, cause I’m feeling myself so much in my lingerie.” 

We wholeheartedly second that message, Julia.

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