X-rated snaps hijack viral Instagram seat belt challenge

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An viral Instagram challenge has been flooded with risqué snaps after people decided to post X-rated photos using the same hashtag.

The Instagram Seat belt Challenge has been around for some time, but when searching the hashtag now, one would be forgiven for ending up slightly confused at the purpose of the movement.

Instagram Seat Belt Challenge
The Instagram Seat Belt Challenge is going viral. Photo: Instagram

The Seat Belts Save Challenge was originally the name of a four-week campaign by the National Organizations for Youth Safety in the US, which was designed to educate teen drivers about the dangers of riding in a car without wearing a seat belt.

An Instagram page called Seatbelt Selfie challenge was also set up in 2016 by a woman named Dania Safa, in memory of one of her close friend who died in an accident due to not wearing a seat belt.

Originally the hashtag was used by people, including some who work in emergency services, to share selfies of themselves wearing a seat belt in their car.

Instagram Seat Belt Challenge
Many photos just show people wearing their seat belts. Photos: Instagram

Yet, somewhere along the line it seems the Seat Belt Challenge took on a slightly different vibe, as some people realised adding an element of nudity could potentially lead to more clicks.

And so now the hashtag, which has been used thousands of times, is flooded with photos of mainly women wearing their seat belt over their bare breasts.

xrated Instagram Seat Belt Challenge
But there are now hundreds of snaps showing a little more skin. Photo: Instagram

The hashtag #FreetheTitty has also been included, and another one called #seatbeltb00bing is also doing the rounds. And it’s no surprise these images are getting thousands of like.

At least it’s all about safety, right?

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