Instagram couple slammed for Bali stunt after claims one of them had coronavirus

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Instagram couple Mikaela Testa and Atis Paul are getting slammed for their attention-seeking stunt in Bali amid claims one of them had coronavirus. Photo: Facebook/Mikaela Testa

An Instagram couple is getting slammed online following a selfish stunt that saw them bragging about tipping their Bali taxi driver $200 in cash just a week after one of them was reportedly sick with coronavirus.

Mikaela Testa and boyfriend Atis Paul have been travelling overseas extensively despite the Australian government's warning to return home.

The pair finally arrived home on the Gold Coast over the weekend, but they've been slammed after Atis shared a photo of Balinese money that added up to around $200 AUD, saying he was going to give the cash to whoever dropped them off at the airport.

He wrote, "My girlfriend and I are about to give this all to whichever lucky taxi driver drops us off at the airport today."

"Bali is really going to struggle for a while so that's gonna be one less family struggling."

People were slammed the couple for the attention-seeking behaviour, while others worried that Mikaela and Atis were putting local Balinese people at risk by staying in the country while Atis was reportedly sick with the coronavirus.

Mikaela shared photos of Atis, sharing with her followers that he had coronavirus. Photo: Facebook/Mikaela Testa

Most retailers are requesting people use their cards to tap and go, rather than cash because it's possible for the coronavirus to survive on items and surfaces.

Last week, Mikaela took to Facebook to share a status that was seemingly a joke, reading, "My man has the coronavirus, don't touch him."

However, she soon shared an update with photos of Atis saying, "Lol he actually does [have coronavirus] now."

The couple had travelled to Italy in late February when the country was already on lockdown due to coronavirus. Photo: Facebook/Atis Paul

After that post, she continued sharing photos of the pair out and about in Bali doing things like riding quad bikes and lounging by the pool.

Prior to their Bali trip, the couple had been in Italy in late February. Italy's first cases of coronavirus occurred in late January.

The area was already in a state of lockdown while the pair were visiting.

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