Inside Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner's Sweet Relationship With His Daughters and Grandchildren

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Meet 'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner's DaughtersBrian Bowen Smith - Getty Images

Gerry Turner's season of The Golden Bachelor continues to be a damn delight, and with Hometowns around the corner, we're just a few weeks away from Gerry introducing his final contestants to members of his own family—aka his daughters and grandchildren!

As a reminder, Gerry was previously married to his high school sweetheart, Toni, who sadly passed away in 2017—shortly after they purchased their dream lakeside home together. The pair married in 1972 and had two daughters, Jenny and Angie, who are now grown up with families of their own. Get to know them a bit better below!

jenny young, angie warner, payton young, gerry turner, charlee young
Brian Bowen Smith - Getty Images

Gerry's Daughters: Jenny Young and Angie Warner

Gerry's daughters Jenny and Angie are actually the ones who encouraged their dad to be on The Golden Bachelor, so we all owe them several rounds of applause.

“They’re big fans of the show, and they kind of got me watching the show and they said, ‘Dad, you should do it.’ And to my surprise, I filled out the online interview and heard shortly after, within the next several days,” Gerry told Variety. “And then, of course, things went dead with COVID, and lo and behold, when it was announced that again it was going to happen, my phone rang and it’s been off to the races since then.”

Despite their love for reality TV, Jenny and Angie prefer to stay out of the spotlight (to the point where their Instagrams are set to private!), but they did appear on The Golden Bachelor to support their dad and give him some words of encouragement ahead of his first Rose Ceremony:

As Angie put it, "My dad is just such a fun guy. So personable and lovable, so kind, and he has so much to give. He just deserves to find that in somebody else."

P.S. Gerry told The Jennifer Hudson Show that there was one (1) piece of advice from his kids that he fully ignored: "The advice I got, I totally screwed up. They told me, 'Dad, just don't kiss anyone the first night.' I did. I didn't mind it at all. I liked it."

Gerry's Granddaughters: Charlie Young and Peyton Young

Jenny's daughters Charlie and Peyton are 21 and 16 years old, and they are very much here for their grandfather's moment in the spotlight.

"They are genuinely excited and thrilled," Gerry told Variety. "My granddaughters have had guests to my house since this all started, and they pick their friends that are big fans of the show."

Gerry also told the Bachelor Nation podcast that Charlie and Peyton joined him for pre-Golden Bachelor promo session in Los Angeles, saying, "It was just an amazing amazing experience, and I have two granddaughters, one is 21 one is 16, and they're very adept at finding comments and the things online. And so they're firing me stuff non-stop about the things that are being said, and it's hilarious but they are loving it."

It's so sweet that Gerry has such a supportive family to cheer him on as he navigates a late-in-life stint of reality stardom—and that they're so here for him getting another chance at love!

Here's to hoping Gerry has found happiness on The Golden Bachelor and everyone can be one big, happy family. *sobs hysterically*

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