‘So insecure’: Influencer’s shock confession

Supplied Editorial Steph Claire Smith. Picture: Instagram
Steph Claire Smith shares a candid post confessing her top body insecurity. Picture: Instagram

Fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith has opened up about a post she shared revealing one her biggest insecurities.

The former model posted a bikini photo to her Instagram story on Friday with the caption: “Sun’s out, bum pimples out”.

Wearing a high rise floral swimsuit, there were just a few small marks visible on her bottom.

Steph Claire Smith butt pimples.JPG
Steph Claire Smith shared a photo of her bottom in a high rise bikini. Picture: Instagram
Supplied Editorial Steph Claire Smith. Picture: Instagram
The former model was amazed by the outpouring of support from her followers. Picture: Instagram

A few hours after the bikini post went live, she returned to share a series of video stories thanking her followers for the outpouring of support.

“Okay, I’ve had so many of you message me since the bum pimple story went up so many beautiful messages thank you so much,” she told her 1.5 million followers.

She said once she noticed the outbreak of pimples, she considered changing her swimmers to conceal them.

Instead, she decided to confront her insecurity head on, and share the image with her fans in the hopes it would help normalise it and provide comfort to other people who experience them.

Steph Claire Smith butt pimples 2.JPG
Steph Claire Smith posts another body positivity message to her socials. Picture: Instagram

“I was so insecure about them for the longest time and today I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like oh my god, my butt,” she said in the post.

“And then I thought who gives a s*** and I just decided to post about it.”

On Saturday, she posted another photo wearing activewear with an equally honest message about body positivity, this time addressed to her own body.

“Sometimes she’s ripped, sometimes she’s not,” she said in the caption.

“Sometimes she’s glory, sometimes she’s dry. Sometimes she’s soft, sometimes she’s hard. Sometimes she’s pimply, sometimes she’s clear. Sometimes she’s strong, sometimes she’s weak.”

Wearing a coral two piece set and a bucket hat, she reminded herself to love her body through the days when she feels less confident.

“But she’s always still me. She’s always still worthy of love. She is my body, she is my home.”