8 top-rated products to help prevent ingrown hairs

Maisie Bovingdon
Shopping writer
Ingrown hairs are a common skin complaint among men and women, and is when the hair get trapped in the skin and causes a raised bump. (Getty Images)

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Ingrown hairs are a common skin complaint.

Resulting in itchy, raised red bumps, they occur when the hair grows back into the skin and can appear anywhere on the body. They can be very painful.

There are a number of causes that contribute to ingrown hairs, including plucking, shaving threading and having coarse or curly hair.

Blunt razors can also be a factor, as they do not provide a clean cut when shaving.

However, there are a number of ways to resolve the issue and prevent more ingrown hairs from developing.

Making sure you use a sharp razor when shaving and rinse the blade after every stroke. Try to always shave in the same direction.

Hot wax is often a preferred method instead of strip wax, which can break the hair shaft, because it opens the pore and pulls out the hair from the root to prevent any breakages or ingrown hairs when they grow back.

Exfoliating with a glove, dry brush or cream before hair removal is a popular option, as it gets rid of any dead skin cells, and helps to unclog pores.

Applying a warm cloth or flannel, or steaming the area to open the pores to tease the hair out can also work, while a cool press on the target area after any treatment can reduce any irritation.

There are also numerous creams, scrubs and tools available to buy to prevent ingrown hairs in various areas of the body.

Shop 8 top-rated products to prevent ingrown hairs

Hydrea London Organic Egyptian Loofah Exfoliating Glove | £4.99 (Was £5.95) from Amazon

Hydrea London Organic Egyptian Loofah Exfoliating Glove

This exfoliating glove, also known as loofah, is 100% organic and biodegradable. It is a nifty and affordable prop you simply slip your hand into and rub over the body to exfoliate the body, which gets rid of dead skin cells and helps to open clogged pores.

Ithyes Dry Brushing Body Brush Exfoliating Brush | £7.98 from Amazon

Ithyes Dry Brushing Body Brush Exfoliating Brush

A dry brush works in a similar way to a loofah, but the skin must be dry instead of wet. Simply slip your hand into the holder and brush the body to exfoliate the skin.

Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant | £9 from Cult Beauty

Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant

The Ameliorate SmoothingBody Exfoliant targets bumpy and dry skin, as well as ingrown hairs. The formula contains lactic acid and micro-dermabrasion granules, which targets clogged pores and smoothes any raised areas.

The Perfect V Very V Intensive Beauty Cream | £43 from Cult Beauty

The Perfect V Very V Intensive Beauty Cream

The VV Cream has been designed with sensitive areas in mind. The cream has been gynaecologist-tested, has a balanced pH formula, which is paraben free, to calm, soothe and condition intimate areas between waxing, laser or shaving.

Fur Ingrown Concentrate | £22.34 from Revolve

Fur Ingrown Concentrate

Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate has been dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, but has also been used by Emma Watson. The formula is rich with coconut oil, tamanu, as well as tea tree oil and chamomile, but free of parabens and silicones, all of which combine to sooth razor burn and heal ingrown hairs.

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion | £9.74 from lookfantastic

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go lotion contains Acetylsalisylic Acid, as well as Glycolic Acid, which works to remove dry skin cells, calms redness and inflammation to soothe any cuts or burns from shaving or waxing, as well as reduce the appearance of bumps and ingrown hairs.

LUX SKIN DIY Laser Hair Removal Handset | £39 (Was £99) from Lux Skin

LUX SKIN DIY Laser Hair Removal Handset

Another way to prevent ingrown hairs is to shake up your hair removal routine, and laser treatment is said to be one of the most efficient way to avoid hair regrowth, and in turn in grown hairs.

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment | £32 from Mr Porter

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment

Men are also susceptible to ingrown hairs when they remove their beard, chest or back hair. Anthony’s Ingrown Hair Treatment contains glycolic, salicylic and phytic acid, as well as willowherb and lavender, which combine to remove dead skin, free trapped hairs and smooth sensitive skin.