Influencer busted offering 'lockdown lip fillers'

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A UK influencer has been busted flouting the country’s strict coronavirus lockdown rules by offering appointments for lip fillers to clients.

Stephanie Scolaro, a Rich Kid of Instagram, was advertising ‘Covid glam packages’ online - including lip fillers - for her spa in West London.

Stephanie Scolaro has been busted ignoring lockdown rules. Photo: Instagram

Current restrictions in the UK don’t allow for any beauty services to operate, meaning her spa LA Beauty Dolls, should remain closed.

The millionaire heiress was busted when she offered two appointments for lip fillers to an undercover reporter from the Mirror.

The publication quoted Stephanie as saying: “This has seriously stressed me out. This has basically ruined my day,” after being busted.

Stephanie Scolaro claims it was a misunderstanding. Photo: Instagram

However a spokesperson for the 27-year-old issued a statement claiming the situation was a simple misunderstanding.

“Stephanie apologises unreservedly for agreeing to an appointment, but was just assuming Boris Johnson was going to announce the easing of restrictions on Sunday,” the spokesperson said.

Stephanie is the daughter of Italian mining tycoon Francesco Scolaro. Her mother is British but the family also have homes in Monaco, Ibiza and New York.

She already made headlines once before back in 2019.

The influencer at the time avoided jail after importing almost $34,000 worth of endangered snakeskin accessories into the UK.

In Australia, hairdressers have remained open throughout the social distancing restrictions. But other beauty services such as tanning and waxing will likely not reopen until ‘stage two’ of the Prime Minister’s plan announced last week.

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