Influencer shocks with 'dangerous' balcony act: 'How far can you go for likes?'

Camila Coelho ignored the backlash and posted another video with her baby Kai from the French balcony.

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An influencer is copping flak online after a controversial snap shows her standing her baby on a Paris balcony. Camila Coelho, who boasts 9.9 million followers on the social media app, has remained silent on the backlash, despite a stream of her followers slamming her for the photo.

The image sees Camila, who runs her own lifestyle blog, holding her seven-month-old son, Kai, outside on a French balcony overlooking the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Camila Coelho and her son Kai on a French balcony
Camila Coelho has been slammed for this picture of her holding her 7-month-old son on a Paris balcony. Photo: Instagram/Camila Coelho

Camila looks stunning in a ribbed pink turtleneck jumper, a matching pink coat and boots and a denim miniskirt.

Her adorable son is wearing an all-grey ensemble, however, it’s his stance that’s got people up in arms.

"Kai’s first time in PARIS. so happy to be back (for PFW) & spend my birthday tomorrow here with him and hubby!" she captioned the photo, tagging Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris.


Camila’s followers begged her to remove the snap, with one saying: "Please remove these photos! Kids are not accessories!"

Camila Coelho and her son, Kai on a Paris balcony
Camila Coelho has been slammed for this picture of her holding her 7-month-old son on a Paris balcony. Photo: Instagram/Camila Coelho
Camila Coelho holding her son on a Paris balcony
Just a few days later, Camila uploaded a video holding her son on the same balcony. Photo: Instagram/Camila Coelho

Others were shocked that Camila would post something like that online, with one person saying: “This picture makes me so nervous!!! Don’t put the baby on the balcony please!!!”

“Babies and balconies don’t go together. People will naturally get triggered. You are my favourite fashion blogger and I’m sure you were in control, but there will be other wannabe bloggers who will try to recreate this image and potentially put their babies at risk. It takes a second for an accident to happen. It’s not worth the risk or pic,” a follower wrote.

“How far can you go for likes? Yes, you are in Paris and yes, you have a view. No need to put a baby on the edge of a balcony,” another wrote.

Another person simply wrote: “Really? So dangerous just for a photo”.

Camila Coelho in purple with her son on a Paris balcony
Camila's followers were shocked at the photos. Photo: Instagram/Camila Coelho

Despite this, Camila has remained silent on the matter and has chosen to keep the photos on her page.

Just a few days later she courted the controversy by uploading a video from the same balcony to her account, where she is seen sipping tea on a chilly Paris morning, with Kai perched in her arms, close to the edge.

People were astounded at the video, with one person saying: “Dear Camila, I love you as a woman, how you act in everything, but this is now the second time that you come into the picture with Kai on the edge balcony.

“Earlier on a post of yours, we also saw that you were in the photos with Kai on the edge of the balcony, seems so dangerous to me as a mother! please be careful, he is at an age that suddenly starts moving a lot, then you don't have the grip in some situations and an accident is in a small corner.”

Others called her actions “disappointing” and questioned why she would upload another moment with her son on the balcony after such a strong response to her first post.

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