Influencer shocks fans with 'deceiving' mirror selfies

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Aussie influencer Bree Lenehan has stunned her followers after sharing a photo of how different we can look in fitting rooms depending on the light and mirror that store uses.

The 25-year-old shared a series of snaps, talking about the "mirror manipulation' that is used in retail stores to make the customer 'feel slimmer or taller'.

Influencer Bree Lenehan in a series of mirror selfies
Influencer Bree Lenehan shocked her followers with how some stores use 'mirror manipulation' to make a customer 'feel slimmer'. Photo: Instagram/Bree Lenehan

"A 'bad body image' day can be triggered by many things… One is catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. All of a sudden… a negative thought appears & it’s all downhill from there," Bree began a lengthy post.

"But a lot of the time, what you see in the mirror doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation."


She continued, "1. We are all our own harshest critics & 2. Mirrors are all different! Especially fitting rooms. Some use mirror manipulation to deceive customers into 'feeling slimmer' or taller when trying on their clothing.

"Other stores use lighting that is softer, to hide the lumps & bumps we have on our bodies. But then there are also stores that use wide mirrors or harsh lighting which cast shadows over your body & exaggerate every feature... And in case you were wondering, there is nothing wrong with having lumps & bumps!!"

Bree wears an orange dress
Bree showed how different lighting made her look drastically different, but made sure to add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with 'lumps and bumps. Photo: Instagram/Bree Lenehan
Bree tries on jeans
In another photo, she tries on a pair of jeans that are the same size, except one fits and the other didn't. Photo: Instagram/Bree Lenehan

In one photo, Bree shows how different she looks in different fitting rooms with different lighting, with none of the four photos showing the same look.

In another photo, she tries on a pair of jeans that are the same size, except one fits and the other didn't.

"I can feel comfy in one pair, meanwhile other pairs would leave my tummy bulging over them or would refuse to zip up! I found myself sizing up & down depending on the jeans!" she said, reminding her followers that sizing up or down is "perfectly okay" and not something to be scared of in any way.

She added, "There is NOTHING wrong with having a tummy, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, hip dips, or anything else. Most of us have them!!

"Please remember to be kinder to yourself, at all times, because you never know what external (or internal) factors are at play… Your body & appearance really is the least interesting thing about you."

Her followers loved the message with one user writing, "Yes!!! The lighting in change rooms can be cruel! Thank you for shedding 'light' on this."

"That jeans photo hits home!!" another said. "I tried on a few pairs of jeans the other day (all the same size, just different brands) and some were too big and others wouldn’t go past my knees so crazy!"

"Thank you so much. I just can't describe how much your content means to me," a third wrote.

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