Influencer encourages brides to rewear their wedding after-party dresses

An influencer has shared how she rewore her wedding after-party dress and encouraged other brides to do the same.

Danielle Copperman - a British fashion content creator - revealed on TikTok that she planned on rewearing her wedding after-party dress one year after her nuptials. On 9 September, the content creator posted a video telling viewers that she’ll be rewearing her gold-beaded after-party dress to the Gold Gala du Ritz, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Ritz Paris hotel.

Copperman told Insider that she found the gorgeous dress for only $60 on eBay after deciding to thrift as many bridal outfits as possible.

Now, her video has received more than 240,000 views as viewers flooded the comments section in shock. Many people remarked that it was hard to find clothes as affordable and beautiful as Copperman’s dress, and asked the influencer for tips and tricks on finding dresses.

“No!!! You did not find that amazing dress on eBay!!!” one viewer commented. “Wowowow!!! It’s fabulous!!!”

Another viewer wrote: “I need to know how one even finds something like this on eBay.”

She told Insider that with thrifting, there’s usually no guarantee. Copperman revealed that it took months of scouring websites like Vestiaire Collective before she found the dress of her dreams on eBay for just $60.

“I was looking for something from a high fashion brand ideally, but this just seemed to call to me more than any second-hand options I’d found by my favorite designers,” she added, noting that her dress wasn’t from a notable brand.

Although Copperman already wore the dress to her September 2022 wedding in Lyon, France, she decided to buck the trend of only wearing the dress on her special night. A staunch advocate for sustainability, the influencer added: “I hate that so many aspects of weddings is wasteful, I didn’t want anything that I would only wear for a few hours of my life.”

Not only was the after-party dress thrifted, but the content creator also revealed to the outlet that designer Savannah Miller created her white gown for the wedding ceremony with deadstock fabric. Copperman said she encourages people to get the most use out of their clothes, adding that fancier items can easily be dry-cleaned as well.

“I just think it’s a shame to pack things away for years especially when they’re so special,” she continued.

The content creator also shared her belief that even if there’s some wear and tear to a thrifted dress, it still adds charm to the piece. “To be honest, I fell over on the night of our wedding in this gold dress and lost a few beads, but I think it just adds to the memories that it holds,” she said.