Influencer causes fury after burning $16,000 of Caramilk chocolate

Holly Hales
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Bruno Bouchet has enraged followers by burning sought-after chocolate. Photo: Instagram/brunobbouchet/

A self-described snack influencer has thrown followers into a spin after destroying $16,000 worth of the chocolate on camera.

Bruno Bouchet, whose day job is as Kyle Sandilands’ manager, made the shock move as part of an Instagram story series after purchasing sought-after blocks of Caramilk flavour blocks from a ‘guy in a car park’.

Known also as The List King where he ranks popular confectionary products, Bruno’s brazen review of the limited edition treat blew all others out of the water.

"I burned $16,000 worth of Caramilk chocolate because no human deserves the pain of eating it,” he explained in reference to the act.

Fired-up review

Filmed beside a fire pit, Bruno appears adamant to spark fury among followers by munching on the blocks before throwing each in the flames.

“That is disgusting, someone finally found a way to make milk chocolate taste even shittier,” he said during the taste test.

The influencer then continued to disapprove of the chocolate, calling it ‘an oil spill in [his] mouth’.

“I’d rather bite into asbestos, this is horrible,” he concluded.

Divisive opinion

As expected, the public panning sent fans of the snack into a spin, labelling Bruno everything from ‘criminal’ to ‘a monster’.

“This has caused me so much pain,” wrote one critic.

“OMG Bruno! No! I can’t support this at all! It’s nearly a crime to waste all that beautiful chocolate.”

“So many people would be losing their minds right now,” joked another.

However, while outrage was widespread, others’ critique was more serious with some questioning how he came up with the remarkably high price of $16,000.

“Ummm $16k? How?!” one commenter asked. “It goes for around $4. So you’re looking at around $60 mate. Not such a big deal really.

"I read that resellers had were charging up to $1,000 a block so I basically just multiplied that by the 16 blocks I had," Bruno responded.

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