'Incriminating' detail in man's Olympics photo exposes secret

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A woman has revealed the way she discovered the man she was dating was already seeing someone else, after he sent her a seemingly innocent photo of himself watching the Olympics 'with the boys'.

TikTok user Megan-Marie shared the incriminating photo in a now viral TikTok video, captioning the clip: "Do i have dumb written on my face?"

viral tiktok olympics photo
The guy sent this photo of himself watching the Olympics. Photo: Tiktok

In the clip she explains she had asked the man - who she had recently met on the dating app Hinge - what he was doing when he allegedly responded with: 'watching the Olympics with the boys see u tomorrow'.

He also shared a photo of himself in a lounge room with an Olympic event playing on the TV. However, on closer inspection of the image, the mirror television cabinet, as well as a few other details gave away the fact that the 'boys' might have in fact been another woman.


The reflection shows two sets of legs - his own and then what appear to be a smoothly shaved pair of female legs. In the clip Megan also highlights the coffee-table books and decor, leading her to believe he was in a woman’s house.

viral dating Tiktok
Megan revealed she had met the guy on dating app Hinge. Photo: Tiktok

In a follow up post, Megan also shared the ‘live’ photo which he sent from his iPhone, where a woman’s voice can also be heard, but confirmed they had only been on one date so she didn't consider it 'cheating'.

The video has since been viewed over 1.3M times with plenty of people calling out the guy for "incriminating" himself.

"He really thought that would work too … who gave men the audacity to be so painfully unaware of themselves," one person commented.

"What a day to be single," another responded, while a third wrote: "Busted".

"I’m sorry you’re dealing with this betrayal," was another sympathetic comment.

Others defended the man, offering up other potential explanations for his surroundings. 

"Hear me out: he’s at his guy friend’s house that has a significant other," was one suggestion.

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