Ina Garten's Trick To Give Your Pie The Absolute Best Piping

Close up of Ina Garten smiling
Close up of Ina Garten smiling - Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Piping is one of the best parts of any pie. Not only is it decorative and pleasing to the eye, but it also tastes pretty darn good. However, if you've ever filled a pastry bag with whipped cream and attached the tip of your choice to make your design, you know that it is easier said than done. It requires a steady hand and precision, which can be difficult. Thankfully, Ina Garten has an easy trick that will make your pies look like masterpieces and it just requires a little bit of spin.

In an Instagram post, the "Barefoot Contessa" demonstrates that the key to perfect piping swirls and twirls is to rotate the pie as you pipe. Garten demonstrates her method on a frozen key lime pie, moving her hand in a clockwise motion as she makes lovely connected loops of whipped cream. If you've ever tried your hand at decorating a cake, Garten's trick for pie mimics this same technique.

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Gelatin And A Spinning Stand Also Help

Hands spinning a pie on a rotating cake stand
Hands spinning a pie on a rotating cake stand - Redumbrella Europe/Shutterstock

Garten is a pro at piping and makes it look easy doing it by hand, however, it may not be as easy for everyone. Working with whipped cream can be tricky and getting evenly spaced roped swirls of this sweet topping takes a little bit of practice. That said, you want to start with stabilized whipped cream and according to the Reddit community, gelatin is a common choice that will allow your whipped cream to hold its shape well past mealtime — and not only that, this added ingredient doesn't change the flavor of the topping either.

When you are ready to pipe your pie, having a cake spinner stand to set it on can be a helpful tool as you create your border. If you don't have a spinner stand, you can always use a lazy Susan or try the hack of borrowing the turntable ring and plate from your microwave and using it as a spinning carousel that allows you to easily rotate your pie as you add the piping. With these simple tips in mind, your next pie is sure to be a showstopper.

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