I'm a Fashion Editor Who Just Purged My Closet — These Are 5 New Things I'm Buying

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Including a cashmere sweater that’s basically $75.

<p>Naadam / Nordstrom / Saks off 5th / InStyle</p>

Naadam / Nordstrom / Saks off 5th / InStyle

It’s officially that out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new type of season. I don’t know about you, but fall is the time of year that I get a massive burst of energy to purge, clean, and renew — and while sure, “spring cleaning” is what so many people talk about when it comes to their homes and wardrobes, for me, it’s all about fall cleaning, too. In fact, I’ve made it a goal to re-organize and downsize every season, because, well, I accumulate a lot of stuff working in fashion, and my tiny, one-bedroom apartment in New York City simply isn’t big enough to hold it all. (I wish!)

As you can probably guess, the one space in my apartment that grows the most (and the fastest) is my closet. I try new pieces all the time. I hit up sample sales like it’s nobody’s business. I love shoes. And if we’re going to do some girl math here, that all adds to up, well, too much stuff and not enough room. So, I recently cleaned it all out — I got rid of pieces that no longer sparked joy (it’s still a method I like to use, considering I can build up quite the attachment with a piece, which ultimately can make it difficult to part ways). I even found some pieces that I forgot about entirely along the way (sorry to my vintage Mugler top that I will now wear all the time!).

But, going through my closet also made me realize some of the things it's lacking. I purged, I found hidden gems, and I discovered what my wardrobe was missing. So, I promptly went on a shopping spree to find said things, focusing on timeless pieces (with some of-the-moment staples thrown in) that I can picture myself wearing for years to come.

I purged, I shopped. Check out all the pieces I added to my cleaned-out closet.

Nordstrom Macombs Water-Resistant Moto Boot





Moto boots are trending big time for fall 2023. Diane Keaton is a fan, and has been for years, so naturally I had to see what this footwear was all about. If it’s good enough to keep Keaton’s attention for decades, it must be good enough for me — and I was right. The grungy, rocker-inspired boots are the perfect happy-medium between chunky combat boots and elegant black ankle boots. They have a daring flair to them, but still lean a little elegant, especially when you pair the hard-edge shoe with a more feminine staple, like a pleated skirt. Talk about a fashion moment.

7 for All Mankind Tailorless Denim Lustre Dojo Trouser

<p>7 for all mankind</p>

7 for all mankind



If you know me, you’ll know that I have been (and forever will be) a 7 For All Mankind stan. I’ve been wearing the denim brand for decades (like, in my teens), and to this day, the jeans I have from the Sarah Jessica Parker-worn label are among my favorites. In fact, they’re the ones I always reach for when I don’t know what to wear because they’re comfortable, extremely flattering, and always look good. But there’s one style from the label that I have been living in: the modern linen Dojo trouser. They’re easily my most-worn, and considering that, I knew I needed another pair, which is why I’m making these denim Dojos mine, too. I know how they fit, I know they’re comfy — and look at that $96 price tag. How can I resist?

Splendid x Kate Young Cupro Pant




Comfy pants that feel like pajamas but look like chic trousers? Check. Kate Young recently teamed up with Splendid, a brand I swear by for the comfiest basics in the world, and as you’d expect, the range, which includes pants, jackets, silky-soft tops, and more, is purse *chef’s kiss.* I particularly love these Cupro pants; the second I put them on, I didn’t even realize I was wearing pants. That’s how comfy they are. The elastic waistband doesn’t restrict, and the flowy, wide-leg cut allows for ample air flow. I’ll be wearing these at home and out on the town.

Vince Classic Straight Coat

<p>Saks Off 5th</p>

Saks Off 5th



You simply can’t go wrong with a sleek overcoat, and anything from Vince is, well, amazing. The  minimalist-leaning brand has the best of the best in all categories, from pants to shirts to shoes, but I personally think it’s the outerwear that shines the most. And while yes, pieces certainly aren’t cheap, if you know the secret places to get your hands on the brand (Saks Off 5th, cough, cough), then you might just be able to get the Vince piece you’ve been eyeing for way way less. I just did, and I urge you to do that same.

Naadam the Original Cashmere Sweater




Some people have never tried a really good cashmere sweater, and for that, I’m sorry. I had so many knits in my closet over the past year but I realized that I rarely wore any of them — beside my cashmere ones. My skin is very sensitive, so some wool options scratched and irritated; others simply didn’t feel warm enough; so what did I do? I invested in a cashmere sweater of all cashmere sweaters: Naadam’s Original Sweater. It’s under $100, and available in so many colors and sizes, from an XXS to an XXL. Best of all? Right now, you can snag a BOGO deal; if you buy two sweaters, you’ll snag them for $150. That’s $75 a pop, and yes, that’s a steal for cashmere. 

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