The Iconic Seasoning You Need To Try On Tomatoes This Summer

fresh sliced tomatoes
fresh sliced tomatoes - Horasiu Vasilescu / 500px/Getty Images

While canned tomatoes are a pantry staple that are invaluable for their versatility, there's nothing quite like fresh tomatoes right out of the garden, straight from the farmer's market, or gathered from the fresh produce section of the grocery store. When they're in season locally, they're nothing sort of incredible — and they're so flavorful and juicy that you might be tempted to slice them up and enjoy them raw.

But not everyone will agree, and there's a scientific reason that some people just don't like raw tomatoes. It has to do with their chemical makeup, and the fact that it tends to be a highly and almost surprisingly acidic food. Fortunately, there are a number of ingredients that can seriously upgrade your tomatoes, and one in particular that you can use to elevate them from delicious to divine ... and perhaps, it just might convince raw tomato cynics to rethink their position on the whole thing.

That's everything bagel seasoning. Why does it work? This seemingly straightforward seasoning contains exactly what tomatoes are missing. Garlic and onion brings a savory element, salt acts to reduce any bitterness while enhancing that ever-so-important umami, while the poppy and sesame seeds add complexity and nuttiness. It's one simple addition that brings multiple flavors and depth in a big way, and it's brilliant in a variety of summertime dishes that use raw tomatoes.

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Add Everything Bagel Seasoning To Fresh, Raw Tomatoes For An Incredible Summer Treat

Caprese salad with seasoning
Caprese salad with seasoning - New Africa/Shutterstock

The idea of biting into a slice of tomato between two slices of bread might be old-school, but you should definitely enjoy this classic with some help from everything bagel seasoning. Use your favorite thick-sliced bread, slather on some mayo or cream cheese, and add some everything bagel seasoning, and you have an easy and delicious lunch. And yes, you're just a few steps away from a BLT, which is amazing when it's made with fresh tomatoes. You could also go for an open-faced sandwich, swap the bread for bagels, or make an ELT: Egg, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.

A sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning is also a great way to dress up a traditional Caprese salad, or a slightly more unique version of this old favorite. A tomato and peach Caprese salad is an amazing upgrade, and using heirloom tomatoes will add a whole new depth of flavor.

Raw tomatoes with this magical, must-have seasoning can also be an excellent centerpiece for a fresh and flavorful Mediterranean white bean bruschetta, and another incredibly easy idea is to add it to sliced cucumbers, onions, and wedges of tomato, covered in a vinegar-based dressing. Layer slices of tomatoes with basil and soft cheese or use that same combination to top some crostinis, and sprinkle with seasoning. You could also use it to jazz up a fresh tomato and bacon jam, and you might find yourself buying extra tomatoes.

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