Iconic designer reveals the fashion label we're all pronouncing wrong

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It turns out we may have been mispronouncing one of the most iconic fashion brands of all time completly wrong. 

In a video promoting the label’s upcoming A/W’18 collection, creative director Donatella Versace has decided to clear things up once and for all by telling us the proper way to pronounce the brand name.

Creative Director Donatella Versace has corrected everyone’s pronunciation of the brand in their new campaign. Source: Instagram/Versace

The short clip cuts between 63-year-old Donatella and supermodels including Kaia Gerber, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Vitto Ceretti, Adut Akech and more to communicate one simple message:

“It’s Versace not Versachee.”

It might take you a few views to actually pick up on the difference but if you’re still confused it’s meant to sound like ‘Versatch-eh’ rather than ‘Versatch-ee’.

Fans of the label have been very supportive of the new campaign correcting the mistake no one knew they were making.

“@donatella_versace you are a marvellous wonder! Let them know your name! It’s VERSACE!” one said. 

While another very passionate commenter said, “FINALLY TEACH THEM HOW TO SAY IT RIGHT ITS AN ABOMINATION.”

Bella Hadid joined the group of models to communicate the message. Source: Instagram/Versace

Meanwhile, others are left having flashbacks of this iconic Harry Potter moment:

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