Iceland's One And Only Costco Feels More Familiar Than You'd Think

Costco Iceland rotisserie chicken
Costco Iceland rotisserie chicken - Attractions 360° / X, formerly known as Twitter

When you sign up for a Costco membership, your card allows you to shop at any of the 800-plus warehouses. But whether your local Costco is in a suburb or a metropolitan area, the shopping experience will be pretty much the same. Some price differences are to be expected, but the store setup and the product selection generally don't vary much. While you might assume that it's a different story for the Costco in Iceland, the truth is it really isn't all that out of the ordinary. Perusing images of the store, it looks almost identical to the Costcos in the U.S. — or, more accurately, the Costcos in the U.K.

According to Steve Pappas, who was the Senior Vice President of Costco Europe when the Iceland location opened in 2017, the country's sole Costco is technically a branch of Costco U.K. As Pappas explained to The Grocer, this means that the Iceland Costco is not only operated by Costco U.K. but also stocked with the same products, with the exception of some locally sourced food items like meat and dairy.

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What It's Like To Shop At Costco Iceland

People at Costco Iceland food court
People at Costco Iceland food court - dknapp28 / Instagram

In Iceland, prices are typically high wherever you shop, because almost everything has to be imported. Shopping at Costco in Iceland is still fairly expensive, but not as expensive as other grocery stores. This isn't just because the products are sold in bulk, but also because Costco is its own supplier.

Like any other Costco, when you shop at the one in Iceland, you'll find that much of the merchandise is sold under the Kirkland brand, the store's private label. Similarly, the bakery section is stocked with food items made in-house, however you won't find traditional Icelandic pastries, but rather muffins, cookies, and other baked goods common in the U.S. and U.K.

The different sections of the store are also fairly standard, though the clothing section has more winter gear than you might be used to. The food court will look familiar as well, and you can still treat yourself to a hot dog or a slice of pizza, which you may find disappointing given that other Costco food courts around the world have regional specialties, like poutine in Canada and bulgogi bakes in Taiwan. Still, some customers have posted about the caramel ice cream specifically on X, formerly known as Twitter.

What To Buy At Costco Iceland

Water and people inside Costco Iceland
Water and people inside Costco Iceland - Attractions 360° / X, formerly known as Twitter

The best bargain at Costco Iceland, whether you're a tourist with a rental car or a local shopper, seems to be the gas. According to one Reddit thread, it's consistently cheaper at the Costco gas station compared to everywhere else in Iceland. Multiple customers have also highlighted the store's seafood. Since seafood is a staple of Icelandic cuisine, you can get fresh, high quality seafood practically anywhere, but the local Costco also has an impressive selection of sushi for a great deal.

If you're visiting Iceland and are hoping to find a wide selection of local goods, a regular grocery store would probably be a better option. While you can definitely buy things like Icelandic butter and dried fish at the local Costco, keep in mind most of what's sold are British products like Marmite and Nando's hot sauce. Ultimately, shopping at Iceland's only Costco will feel more familiar than you'd think.

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