'I have ice in my veins and don't get carried away in front of goal'

Callum Wilson celebrates goal against Brentford
Callum Wilson celebrates goal against Brentford

It is only in the "past few seasons" that Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson has really taken his training for penalties more "seriously".

After scoring the only goal of the game via the penalty spot in their win against Brentford on Saturday, the forward has been talking on The Footballer's Football Podcast alongside West Ham United's Michail Antonio about how he gets in the zone for spot-kicks.

"Unlike Michail [Antonio], I have ice in my veins and don't get carried away in front of goal," Wilson said.

"I just put myself into a zone - composed. When you're in training you just do repetition, repetition of penalties and different shooting exercises. More often than not in training, I will tell the goalkeeper I'm going to put the ball here, so he will dive that way and I know he's going to dive that way so I have to be pinpoint with my accuracy.

"I've not done that previously in my career until the past few seasons and I feel like it has helped me and benefited me. Sometimes in training you can mess around and have a laugh with the goalie, but I've taken it seriously and put it upon myself to become better and more consistent.

"Not that I needed to - I think I'm 11 out of 11 now."

The Magpies forward now finds himself in the top five penalty-takers in Premier League history with his success rate, but he doesn't plan to let it affect him.

"It's a flattering stat, but it comes with a lot of pressure - got to make sure I score my next one," he added.

"But it's good. I enjoy that pressure - you thrive off it as a striker and they're the moments you want to be stepping up to. You want to put your name forward to take that penalty and thankfully that is what I did."

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