'Divorce him!': Husband builds shed in bizarre location

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A handyman husband has been roasted on social media for his decision to erect a garden shed right outside the bedroom he shares with his wife, leaving her in tears.

“I thought the shed was going around the side of the house where I’d never see it,” new mum Sarah Aiton tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Hubby roasted online after 'idiot' shed creation. Photo:  Facebook (supplied).
Sarah's hubby is being roasted online for his new shed. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

Instead, the ribbed steel construction sits on the other side of the bedroom window, blocking the view of the garden entirely.

“In all fairness, hubby did ask me to come outside to see where he was planning to put it but I was inside with our one-week-old baby, so I just told him that I needed him to work it out himself,” she adds.

So distraught with the placement of the cream construction, Sarah took to a Facebook group to share a photo and issue a plea for advice.

“Please can you give me ideas about decorating it or burning it down,” she wrote in the caption.


Hubby roasted online after 'idiot' shed creation. Photo:  Facebook (supplied).
We're not sure if the situation can be fixed with some paint. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

‘Divorce him!’

And the advice came a-rolling in, with many Facebook users taking Sarah’s more drastic solution and running with it.

“It's easier to get divorced and get rid of the shed,” joked one.

“Divorce? My husband would be dead,” said another.

“Petrol and a lighter,” suggested one.

Others were slightly more sympathetic to Sarah’s plight.

“I'm so sorry to laugh but that's so typical of a lot of men, isn't it?!!” wrote one.

“Men just don’t think 🤦🏻‍♀️ I asked mine to switch the kettle on this morning. Which he did - without checking if it actually had water in it 🙄,” added another.

“I’m sure your husband is a lovely man. Plant some Virginia creeper or trail Chinese star Jasmine up the side, guarantee it will look great,” was another idea.

One member of the group suggested relocating the shed to another, less in-your-face position.

“I would get the girl power in, have a cheese and wine night and move it like a turtle shell,” they wrote.

“One stick of gelignite and your problem will be no more! Who says it can't be moved?” was another more extreme suggestion.

Not going anywhere

But as Sarah explains, the intrusive addition can’t be moved.

“Moving it will be a huge job as it’s bolted to the concrete and the only other place it could go would need to have a new concrete slab laid first. Then there’s the problem of physically moving it. It’s quite a big shed so would probably need to be at least partly disassembled,” she explains.

Sarah has been coping well with the influx of messages.

“Most of the responses have been very funny, though. I enjoy the jokes about divorce and arson etc. Both of these are good options. There have been a few unnecessary and nasty comments but overall people have helped me to see the funny side,” she says.

So, is her hubby aware of his newfound viral fame (or, infamy)?

“I did tell him. He thinks it’s funny. I thought I should tell him in case something came up on his newsfeed,” she says.

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