Man leaves wife for sex doll

Bianca Soldani

A father of four has apparently left his wife and family after becoming infatuated with a sex doll.

Car salesman Paellas Mohule, from Botswana, reportedly gave up on having sex with real women after discovering dolls, and has no plans on looking back.

It all started when the 39-year-old bought a doll from the US.

A man in Botswana is said to have left his family for a sex doll. Photo: Instagram/realbotix

He apparently raved about how he was able to spend less time and effort getting the doll into bed as opposed to a real woman, plus he didn’t contract any sexually transmitted infections.

Mohule was so enamoured with his new purchase that he reportedly threatened to leave his family if his wife wouldn’t accept the doll.

And true to his word, Ugandan website Ugblizz, says he went ahead and walked out, turning his back on his wife and old life to carve out a new one with his sex doll.

The future of sex dolls in merging with robotics to enable them to talk back to you. Photo: Instagram/realbotix

Sex dolls are becoming increasingly realistic, and with the advent of robotics, sexbots are also being developed.

Unlike sex dolls, sexbots are being designed with artificial intelligence so they can talk – and flirt – in a similar way to Siri on your iPhone.

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