This husband dressed up as an ultrasound tech is the comic relief you need today

Husband does impression of ultrasound tech on TikTok

TikToker Samantha Mathews of @wearedanandsam is a surrogate for the second time, and when she wanted an ultrasound of her “belly bud,” her husband Dan delivered. Dan dressed up in scrubs, wheeled in a laptop to the makeshift exam room (aka their living room), and even donned a mini ponytail and headband as he gave his wife the full ultrasound treatment.

“I told my husband I wish we had an ultrasound to see belly bud,” she captioned the clip. “5 minutes later, he did this…”

As she began cracking up, he started looking at her “file” on the computer. “I see this is baby number four,” he says, with a fake wide-eyed look.

“Yeah, it’s actually not my baby though,” she replies. “I’m a surrogate.”

“Okay, well, we will just continue on,” he responds, spraying his hands with sanitizer and rubbing them egregiously as he says, “It looks like you are 14 weeks along.” He then sanitizes again for good measure.

Next, “nurse” Dan grabs the aloe vera gel, giving a generous squeeze all over her stomach before giving some more. He then uses the TV remote as a wand, noting, “Babe is just hiding in there, like a little cave today” as he looks at the computer screen.

“If you look up at the screen, that might be a pinky nail,” he says with the utmost enthusiasm. Then, he breaks out the big guns, using a tripod and calling it Wanda. He then gives her a piece of tissue paper to cover herself, before adding “the gel” to the wand.

“Bring your knees up just a hair for me,” he says, all the while his wife is laughing hysterically. “Here we go. Slight pressure.”

Avoiding all of her potential questions, he continues, “Yeah, the doctor will go over that with you. The doctor will see you about that. So, I can’t go over that with you, but the doctor can.”

And then, the finale: “Just a few weeks ago it looks like you had a little gummy bear in there. Now, you’re at an orange!” he says with excitement.

Commenters—including a few real ultrasound techs and some fellow surrogates—were obviously dying at the accuracy. “The tissue paper use was elite lmao” wrote one person. “I can’t with the hair and the mouse clicks,” wrote another. “He didn’t warn you the gel would be cold,” joked yet another.

A version of this article was published in February 2024. It has been updated.