Hunted stars Jess and Erina-Lea reveal 'sneaky' strategies to avoid getting caught

Hunted stars Jess and Erina-Lea reveal 'sneaky' strategies to avoid getting caught.

Video transcript

JESS: A lot of people are like, oh, how did you go being off social media? Like, that's not an issue for us. You know, we were there to win it. So being off-grid, that was something that we had already prepared for.

ERINA-LEA: We had, like, a book too. We had a book with people's numbers in it. So I did a little sneaky thing. And I went to Smiggle, and I bought myself this pen where you could write with it. And then you have to turn it over and use a blue light. So if the hunters ever looked in there, they wouldn't see anything. So I had all my contacts in there ready to go.

So I just use my blue light. And then we just borrow people's phones or something like that. In case we need to get in contact with someone, we did send a letter to a friend of mine with a little code message on there, which only she would know what it meant. And then we had hopes of meeting up with her as well.

JESS: Yeah, yeah.

INTERVIEWER: How did you go with, I guess, cleaning your digital footprint as well? Was that a big concern?

JESS: Look, I think we could have done better with that.


ERINA-LEA: Yeah, I cleaned as much as I could over everything.

JESS: Well, we thought we cleaned as much as we could. But they went through everything. And it was only when we were handed back our devices that we realized that would miss stuff because they had picked up on it.

ERINA-LEA: They had even sent you a dodgy email. They sent her an email trying to catch her out if she had gone and checked her email somewhere, hoping that we would then write back. But it looked proper legit, like, it was insane.

JESS: They had pretended to be one of my contacts at Red Bull, offering us a helicopter, which was something we were trying to plan beforehand. But unfortunately, due to the show's insurances and Red Bull's insurances, we couldn't make it work. But-- and we didn't have our devices. So it's only, like, when I received my device back, then the email was in my inbox from Red Bull saying--

ERINA-LEA: We still thought it was legit.

JESS: Saying, you know what, like, we've dealt with the insurances. We're ready, like, we just need you to come sign the waivers. Blah, blah, blah. Made us here. Imagine if we hadn't got that on the phone. We would have been there straight away.


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