Hughesy's Logies targets revealed

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One of the most (in)famous and highly anticipated parts of the entire Logies ceremony is Dave “Hughesy” Hughes’ opening monologue.

Who will he get off side this year? Who will be the butt of his most inappropriate joke? It’s all unequivocally ‘strayan – and we love it.

Dave “Hughesy” Hughes it set to target a whole set of new celebs at the Logies on Sunday. Source: Getty Images

In an interview with Ed, Grant and Em on 2DAYFM’s breakfast show, Hughesy revealed who is on top of his “hit roast” list.

“I’ve gotta get Sophie Monk in there, Sophie’s had a big year,” he said, while Em added, “Married at First Sight surely…”

“They’re going to be in the room,” Hughesy said. “I really want to go at them, but I really want to go at their psychologists more than anything.”

Ha! Don’t we all.

Sophie Monk has been revealed as a target for Hughesy’s jokes. Source: Getty Images

But what about Gold Logie nominee, Grant Denyer?

Last year, the former host of Family Feud got a mention. The Gold Logie nominee had only just cheated death after a horror car crash.

“He’s still an adrenaline junkie, isn’t he? He is a racing car driver. About a month ago, he crashed his car into a tree at 160km/h. The only thing that saved him was the seven pillows he was sitting on.. and the booster seat,” Hughesy said.

“No, Grant took the piss out of me on Family Feud a month ago and survey says payback is a b****, Grant.”

Gold Logie nominee, Grant Denyer, has pleaded for Hughesy to be nice. Source: Getty Images

While Hughesy was in the studio, Grant decided to plea for his cause.

“I support you, but I want it back in the opening monologue of the Logies,” Grant said this week. “I want your love, I want your support and I want your vote.”

“They’re [Em Rusciano and Ed Kavalee] concerned Hughesy,” he then said. “But I love it when you go hard. They’re concerned that when you go hard on me, you might ruin the campaign forever.”

Grant and his 2DAYFM co-hosts, Ed Kavalee and Em Rusciano have spoken with Hughesy ahead of the Logies on Sunday. Source: Getty Images

This year, the Gold Logie vote is open all the way up until the eleventh hour during the broadcast and it will be anyone’s game.

“Will you make a pledge that you won’t go too hard on him in the opener, just for those last couple of votes?” Ed asked Hughesy.  “You could sway it, mate.”

“Yeh, I think I’ll actually say that Grant’s my man, you’ll get my stamp of approval in the monologue,” Hughesy responded.

But will he keep his word? We’ll find out Sunday!

Meanwhile in an interview with TV Week, Hughesy revealed how he chooses his victims.

“I’ve got to keep up to date. You want to hit as many topics as you can,” he said, while later adding, “Anything current on TV I can fit into my routine, I’ll try out”.

“I try to hit them up them up if I’ve got their phone number, or I’ll private message them on Instagram, saying, ‘I’m going to do a joke about you – make sure you’re in the room’.”

Who really knows who Hughesy will roast this year. Source: Getty Images

So we know Grant is safe from the torture, but he and countless others haven’t fared so well in the past.

See Hughesy’s most shocking Logie’s Targets below:

Shane Warne

In 2016, Hughesy declared Warnie “single and ready to mingle”.

“He did so well on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here he’s doing his own version after the show in his hotel room! It’s called I’m A Celebrity, Get In Here!”

Shane Warne has been the butt of many of Hughesy’s jokes. Source: Getty Images

Grant Hackett

In 2017, Hughesy was slammed for his inappropriate joke about Grant going back to rehab again.

Addressing the embattled swimming star’s recent troubles, Hughes said, “Grant Hackett, ‘Oh I’m going to rehab again’, well listen this time, right!”

“I love Grant Hackett, he’s a great Australian but he’s being a bit whingey.

“Did you see on Instagram he put a selfie of himself with a black eye and said, ‘look what my brother did’. That’s what brothers do Grant, you bloody be a d**k and they give you a clip!”

Hughesy was slammed by the public for his inappropriate Grant Hackett joke. Source: Getty Images

Karl Stefanovic 

Hughesy took aim at Today host Karl Stefanovic and the public attention that surrounded his split from his wife of 12 years Cassandra Thorburn, and relationship with his new girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough.

“The paparazzi followed Karl to America, that made me angry,” he said.

“I can’t get them to follow me down the street! I had to walk down Bourke street with four hookers and a wheelbarrow of drugs and they wouldn’t follow me!”

Karl Stefanovic is always a good sport, even though Hughesy loves a good poke fun. Source: Getty Images

Rolf Harris

Amidst the Rolf Harris sex scandal, Hughesy made an all “too soon” joke about the fallen entertainer.

“This is what happened to me when I was doing Australia’s Got Talent,” Hughesy explained.

“Like, an eight-year-old lad ran up and goes, ‘Dave Hughes, my sister loves Australia’s Got Talent’. I said ‘Great’. She ran up, a little six-year-old girl and said, ‘Can she get a photo?’

“I said, ‘No worries.’ I take a photo with his sister. I said, ‘Do you want one as well?’ He goes, ‘No, I’ll be right.’ Gave me the look like, ‘Back off Rolf Harris.’”

“Anyway, may have crossed another line there.”

Story of Hughesy’s life.

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