Hughesy and Kate's off-air blow up

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It may seem like all laughs and smiles on-air between radio duo David ‘Hughsey’ Hughes and Kate Langbroek, but off-air it can be a different story. 

Having worked together for almost two decades, the pair are used to having the odd tiff, however this time things really heated up between them as a behind-the-scenes clip for video series Hughesy and Kate: Behind The Show, has revealed.

At the time, Hughsey was on the other side of the world, calling in from Montreal at 2.30am to do their drive show live with Kate back in Australia. 

David ‘Hughsey’ Hughes got a little bit snappy one morning with Kate Langbroek behind the scenes. ‘Source: Fox FM

However, when technology failed him that early in the morning and he couldn’t log into his Skype account, he completely snapped at Kate who was worried about not being able to see him.

“We can still do a f***ing show, Katie! We will do a show without this [Skype] f***ing bulls**t!” he raged.

“You’re not going to look at me! I’m sorry I’m not that pretty,” he continued ranting.

“But I want to look at you! God!” Kate insisted.

Hughsey, then getting more frustrated, told Kate to “get the callers on air” and take over.

“You take over for once … rather than sitting back like a f***ing Queen Sheba”, he said. 

Being familiar with Hughsey’s antics Kate  Langbroek laughed off the comments and gave them back to him. with Source: Fox FM

Despite the harsh words, it was clear that the pair weren’t being serious and kept a rather playful tone throughout the off-air spat.

“No, you c**t,” Kate laughed. “Remember, you’re angry at yourself.”

Hughsey and Kate have always had a close friendship and according to their executive producer, behind the scenes at the station always tends to get chaotic whenever Hughsey’s away and most especially when he can’t remember his login passwords.

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