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How to watch Apple's Scary Fast event today, October 30

The night time is the right time for new iMacs and laptops.


Apple is holding an event on October 30 at 8PM ET. Yes, that’s in the dead of night during the spookiest of seasons. The company’s calling it a “Scary Fast” event, which certainly either means Apple is getting into horror shorts, or it's going to announce some improved hardware — our bet's on the latter. You can watch Apple's October event on YouTube, on Apple’s official website and on Apple TV devices. Or, you can just keep this page open, as the stream’s embedded below.

What to expect at Apple's October Mac Event

So what’s on the docket for this Halloween-adjacent stream? We already had the big iPhone 15 reveal, so that leaves the company’s desktop and laptop computers. Given the event’s name, it’s highly likely Apple will drop the long-awaited M3 chip. It’s been nearly 17 months since the M2 debuted and, well, Moore’s law and all of that. For reference, it was 19 months between the M1 launch and the M2 debut.

Chips are only as good as the gadgets they power, so there should be a couple of hardware announcements to go along with that “scary fast” M3 chipset. Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman both suggest that an M3-powered MacBook Pro will take center stage at the event.

It’s also high-time that Apple released some new iMacs, as it’s been well over two years since 2021’s colorful refresh. Gurman has reported that the event will likely see the introduction of a new 24-inch iMac, also powered by the rumored M3 chip. He notes that current iMacs are in short supply at retail stores and that this typically indicates a forthcoming upgrade.

There could also be some iPad announcements at the event. If the whole stream revolves around M3-powered products, it’s more likely we’ll get a new iPad Pro than a standard entry-level tablet. However, it’s only been a year since the most recent iPad Pro debuted, though 2022’s release was merely a modest upgrade. Of course, other iPad models could get some love, setting them up to launch just in time for the holidays.

There could be some surprises, but we just got new iPhones and watches, and we know the Vision Pro isn’t due until next year, so that doesn’t leave a whole lot of options. At the very least, Apple presenters will likely be forced to wear Halloween costumes, which should be fun. Maybe we’ll see Tim Cook dressed as that blue smurf cat that blew up on TikTok earlier this month.

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