How to make hybrid working a success

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Hybrid working is the new normal. Here’s how to maximise its potential.

How people work has changed immeasurably in the last 18 months. Many of us have become used to working from home, and realised there are plenty of benefits that come with the flexibility of not being in the office full-time. In one study, 82 per cent of Australian workers admitted they’re either equally or more productive when they’re working from home.

However, for others, the chance to socialise with colleagues in the workplace is important. As well as the very real improvements in productivity when people collaborate in person, going to the office regularly can reduce risk of loneliness and stress.

With over 40 percent of the global workforce considering leaving their employer this year and 46% are planning to move home, the idea of ‘hybrid work’ is expected not just to become normal, but necessary for many workplaces;

Up to 90 percent of businesses are expected to migrate to a model in which staff are encouraged to work some days at home, and some days in the workplace. While many managers and employees understand the benefits hybrid working can bring, it can be tricky to navigate at first if you don’t have the right tools in place.

Here’s how to make hybrid working a success:

1. Communicate

Successful hybrid working takes planning and communication from everyone involved. This involves being clear about what’s expected of all staff, talking about any issues or difficulties as they arise, and constantly assessing how the situation is working for everyone in the team.

2. Connect

Successful hybrid working relies on colleagues working together as seamlessly as they would if they were all in the same place at the same time – and that means having the right tech to help. Crestron offers a range of tech solutions designed to support teams in connecting and collaborating through both physical and virtual meeting environments. Crestron Flex Mini Tabletop is a videoconferencing solution which works with Microsoft Teams and Zoom and is designed to help an organisation collaborate in the most efficient way possible. The device sits on a table in the office, and allows other people to use their own device to log on to the call. Whether people are working onsite or remotely, everyone can be seen clearly by an HD camera with a 150° viewing angle, and every word heard by the integrated quad mic with a 3 metre range.

3. Socialise

Social connectivity is essential when keeping teams engaged, and it’s important workers don’t feel that technology is a barrier to achieving this. Crestron devices are about simplicity; with a simple one-touch control to join, manage or launch a meeting, nobody needs to worry about the tech – it’s simply a device to help you keep in touch with your colleagues. It’s easy to set up in the office too – all it takes is a simple one-cable-to-table installation, and it’s ready to go.

4. Collaborate

Working closely with colleagues is a huge part of a company’s success. Get virtual collaboration right and it can be extremely effective and productive. Crestron AirMedia is perfect for connecting, presenting and collaborating. It’s designed to be used in huddle spaces, small meeting rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms and multi-use spaces. It allows you to switch between presenters, share content wirelessly, and present from your phone, laptop or other USB-C device in the room. It has enhanced 4K video support for high quality streaming too, so content is clear and accessible for everyone. Because Crestron Airmedia utilises your own device it minimises the challenges of adoption and familiarisation and so assists in providing a smooth meeting experience.

5. Make people comfortable

Good hybrid working means making people comfortable, wherever they are. If workers are in the office, they need to feel safe and happy while they’re there. That means respecting any current COVID-restrictions, allowing people space, and ensuring the correct equipment is there for them if they need it. Crestron One is an app which helps you control a meeting room’s functions safely, simply and securely, without ever having to touch anything but your own phone. The Covid Safe Presentation System means you can use collaboration technology, effectively and securely, so everyone feels comfortable about how they’re working.

Crestron room scheduling provides a simple and easy to use space scheduling solution that can be integrated into your existing environment. It provides space and utilisation information and is designed to allow the business to move between scheduling and space management software solutions as your organisations continues to refine your Hybrid working model.

Learn more about Crestron and its complete, integrated solutions.

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