How to make high heels more comfortable for wedding season

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How to wear high heels without pain
Here's how to make your heels more comfortable this summer season. (Getty Images)

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There's something special about getting dressed up for a wedding but as 6pm rolls around, we can't help but look to see if a box of flip flops will be presented to us in time for the dancing.

Wearing heels all day (and night!) isn't easy, but thankfully influencer, Ms Kristine, has shared on TikTok and her Instagram what she described as 'secret weapons' to wear heels in a more comfortable way this wedding season.

With 66,000 likes on TikTok, Ms Kristine has clearly struck a chord with users, with one describing her as a 'fashion icon' for sharing her styling tips.

Taking her advice on board, we've tracked down all the best products to give your feet the best chance of feeling fresh after a day of being wedged into heels.

1. Get a good pair of gel insoles to keep your soles happy

Gel insoles were the original product designed to help your feet to thrive. Many products have been introduced to help our feet since then, but there's still something great about these little cushions.

Designed to slip into either the ball of the foot or the heel, the discreet design takes some of the pressure off by absorbing the shock that comes with walking in heels.

If you're wearing very high heels, try out Scholl's comfy insoles for the balls of your feet. Those opting for a smaller heel, or a block heel with more support might prefer to go for Scholl's everyday heels insoles instead.

Scholl Gel Activ Comfy Insoles Extreme Heels | £3.75 from Amazon

For those braving *very* high heels. (Amazon)
For those braving *very* high heels. (Amazon)

These gel insoles will give you the most support, designed for those braving very high heels. The extra cushioning has been created to absorb the pressure that comes from heels with higher angles. The thin material has been created by foot care specialists not to crowd your toes.

Scholl Gel Activ Everyday Heels Insoles | £4.95 from Amazon

One for the everyday block heel wearers. (Amazon)
One for the everyday block heel wearers. (Amazon)

One of the more common heel types for weddings at the moment is the block heel. Designed to be a mid-heel, the block design absorbs more of the pressure than its stilettoed friends. For this type of heel, you'll need this non-slip design, created to be discreet in lower heels.

2. Buy an anti-blister stick to stop friction

A revelation for heel wearers everywhere, the blister stick acts as barrier between your shoes and your feet to stop the chafing movement that causes blisters. The sticks available are small enough to fit in even the tiniest of weddings bags for on-the-go blister prevention.

Never fear, your favourite shoes won't get ruined by the gel, either. The non-greasy formula has been designed not to stain shoes and its invisible when it's on, too.

Compeed Anti-Blister Stick | £3.40 from Amazon

A top-rated option for preventing blisters. (Amazon)
A top-rated option for preventing blisters. (Amazon)

Compeed's anti-blister stick comes very highly recommended by reviewers with over 2,000 five star Amazon reviews. The portable anti-chafing stick will stop blisters in their tracks and leave you ready to tackle the dance floor past 7pm.

Vanibiss Foot Anti Blister Balm | £10.90 from Amazon

A natural chemical-free blister balm. (Amazon)
A natural chemical-free blister balm. (Amazon)

This chemical-free blister balm utilises almond oil to prevent blisters when wearing heels. The all-natural, unscented balm is a great option for people who are easily irritated by balms and creams and works well to lessen callouses as well as blisters.

3. Invest in anti-slip grips so you can dance all night long

Rubber anti-slip grips are a great pick for weddings with slippery dance floors. Nobody wants to go sliding around the dance floor, and these anti-slip grips do much more than prevent an unexpected tumble.

Using grips on your shoes protects the soles and stop the click clacking noise that some shoes make. To stop blisters, these grips hold your shoe in place so your feet aren't moving around as much in the shoe.

Unikstep 5 Pairs Shoe Sole Anti Slip Grips | £7.99 from Amazon

For protection of your feet and your shoes. (Amazon)
For protection of your feet and your shoes. (Amazon)

Available in black, beige and red to match the bottoms of your shoes, these anti-slip grips come in packs of five and are primarily designed to reduce the chance of slipping and the noise that comes from heels. The added benefit; your feet aren't swimming around in the shoe creating blisters. It's a win-win.

4. Heel liners are about to become your best friend

Nothing ruins a night quicker than a big blister forming on your heel. The searing pain can turn a fun night into an 'I need to go home' night with immediate effect. Enter heel liners.

The cushioned liners slide into the back of the shoe to stop the rubbing effect on the heel. The way that the heel liners are designed also stops heels from aching towards the end of the night. Plus, if you've bought a pair of shoes that are too big for you, these liners help bolster out the shoe.

Ballotte Store Heel Grips | £8.97 from Amazon

These liners have multiple uses, from blister prevention to extra support. (Amazon)
These liners have multiple uses, from blister prevention to extra support. (Amazon)

These cleverly designed liners stop your shoes from slipping and creating the worst type of blister; the heel blister. They're designed for both men and women's shoes (brogues are some of the worst wedding shoe offenders) and they come in handy packs of 12.

Heel Cushion Inserts | £7.59 from Amazon

A great way to relieve heel pain. (Amazon)
A great way to relieve heel pain. (Amazon)

We all know the ache that comes with wearing any shoe for a long period of time, let alone uncomfortable shoes. These heel cushion liners help you to maintain comfortable feet and the design means they're easy to stick into any type of shoe.