How to make a living privacy screen

How to make a living privacy screen

The screen uses recycled plastic pallets, framed and secured to upright posts. The width of the finished screen will depend on the size of your pallets (here, 1200mm wide) but the height should be at least 2000mm to create an effective visual break. We built two screens and offset their positions - this creates an effective visual barrier while also allowing easy access.

Gardeners tips:

- If the back of the screen will be visible in parts of the garden, paint the plywood using an exterior-grade paint.

- Water the plants regularly until they become established, using a spray nozzle with a wand handle to help you reach the plants at the top. Water thoroughly, ensuring the water penetrates the potting mix effectively.

What we planted:

- Alternanthera dentata 'Little Ruby'

- Westringia 'Grey Box'

- Westringia 'Mundi'

- Lomandra 'Shara'

- Lomandra 'Tropic Cascade'

- Liriope 'Silver Star'

- Liriope 'Just Right'

- Nandina 'Blush'

- Nandina 'Flirt'