How to make a backyard game

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How to make a backyard game

How to play the game:
- To set up, poke all of the dowel pieces through the holes in the mesh to form a dense nest of sticks. Fill the top of the mesh cylinder with as many balls as will fit. Each player then chooses a coloured bucket.
- To play, each person places their own bucket under the hole in the table, selects a dowel and withdraws it. Choose wisely because once your hand is on a dowel, you must remove it! If any balls fall into your bucket, they count against you. Remove your bucket, then the next person places their bucket under the hole and withdraws a dowel, and so on.
- The object is to end up with as few balls in your bucket as possible. When the last ball has dropped, the winner is the person with the least amount of balls in their bucket.