Seven subtle signs that your partner is cheating

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Is your significant other playing away? Surely, you’d know right?

While most women claim they had a ‘gut feeling’ their partner was cheating by their suspicious behaviour, many also say they were completely blind-sighted when they found out about the affair.

Here are six not-as-conspicuous signs you may be unaware of…

Subtle signs your partner is cheating. Source: Getty

They are stuck to their phone

If your partner is cheating, they’re more than likely going to be in contact with the person they’re having an affair with. If they change their password or can’t get off their phone, then this is a tell tale sign.

A cheat usually has weird phone behaviour. Source: Getty

Their phone is blank

People who don’t want to get caught will delete their messages. If you SO’s phone is constantly blank then there may be a reason they don’t want you to find their correspondence.

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They have new phrases

They may have picked up new expressions and vocabulary after spending a significant amount of time with the other person.

Is your significant other over explaining everything? Source: Getty

Over explaining

People who are guilty tend to over do it with the details if they’re hiding something. So if you ask a simple question their responses might be lengthy and sound rehearsed.

You're getting more compliments and gifts

An out-of-the-blue compliment or gift could be a clue that your partner is feeling guilty about something and trying to compensate.

Random gifts could be a warning sign. Source: Getty

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They won't watch certain movies

Something Borrowed? The Affair? Fatal Attraction. These plot lines would make him or her uncomfortable if they were playing away, so they’d rather avoid watching them.

Relationship becomes sexless

If your partner is involved sexually with someone else, then they may make excuses as to why they can’t have sex with you. If they are emotionally invested with someone else, being with you may ironically make them feel guilty.

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