How To Get A Great Bum In 5 Easy Steps

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Want the kind of tush that could break the Internet?

Follow these five easy steps and you’ll have a Kardashian-worthy derrière in no time:

1. Add squats to your workout

You can vastly improve the shape of your bum by performing squats two to three times a week, says celebrity personal trainer Neil Russell ( “The key is not to take your stance too wide – keep it at hip distance or slightly wider otherwise you will recruit your adductors [inner thighs] rather than your glutes [butt],” he says.

Start with 3 x 15 repetitions, then begin to add weights.

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2. Drink more juice

Drinking two cups of fresh vegetable juice (made up of 80 per cent vegies) every day with some fruit added can make a huge diference to how you look and feel, says Ricardo Riskalla, IMG Models’s trainer and
nutrition expert ( au). “I always recommend foods that are unprocessed, raw and certifed organic – so plenty of salads and lean proteins with a side of green juice.”

Juices high in celery, cucumber and lemon help reduce fuid retention.

3 Reduce your salt intake

Eliminating excess sodium from your diet is important for shaping your derrière, says Riskalla, who explains the reduced fuid retention from doing so will also mean “reduced bottom”.

Avoid adding salt to meals and high-sodium foods.

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4. Plan your meals and snacks

Avoid “deadline takeawayitis” by spending 10 minutes each week planning your meals and keeping your fridge stocked with fresh foods and snacks because “failing to plan is planning to fail”, says Jordan Ponder, founder of Transform Health (

“Having small, healthy snacks, such as boiled eggs, cut-up vegetables, fruit and frittata muffins, always at the ready will keep you from making bad dietary choices.”

5. Go for a run

Don’t underestimate the power of running, says Ponder. “Aim for two to three sessions a week, mixing up your runs to include long and slow, short and fast, and hill sprints.”

Runs of 30 to 60 minutes are recommended, but if you find this difficult, start by walking and adding little runs between particular buildings or light posts.

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