How To Deal With Change At Work

Holly Masters, brand general manager of Clinique, has changed countries, jobs and internal practices throughout her career. She shares her advice for transitioning with ease.

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1. Prepare for what's to come:

Sometimes change can come in physical form – a new office, equipment or location. Often it is the anticipation of change that unnerves people. Adequate preparation, such as envisaging what the change will look like, thinking about the opportunities it may provide and being aware of the emotions associated with change, can guide you through.

2. Get informed:

Being the new girl or learning a new skill at work can be daunting, but this is also a great opportunity for growth. Don’t feel like you have to be an instant expert on everything. You only get the chance to be new once, so make the most of it and ask as many questions as you can!

3. Take some time:

It can be natural to instinctively want to reject change, so don’t be too quick to react. Buddy up with someone you trust within the organisation to talk through any challenges and gain some perspective.

4. Recognise the cycle:

Professional change management educators tell us there are six emotions associated with the change cycle: loss, doubt, discomfort, discovery, understanding and integration. Take a step back and ask, ‘Where am I in the change cycle?’ Understand this and recognise what the next point looks like while keeping in mind that people deal with change at their own pace.

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5. Not everything changes:

When faced with change, even the smallest task can seem overwhelming, but it's important to remember that some things will stay the same. For comfort's sake, replicate elements of your regular routine to add a sense of rhythm to your day and ease the transition.