How to be a more sustainable traveller

Your bags are packed, excitement levels are at fever pitch, and you’re on your way to what you hope is the experience of a lifetime.

Indeed, travelling offers us the experience to connect with others on a deeper level but it can also have a heavy impact on the planet.

So, just how do you satisfy that wanderlust and leave a lighter footprint?

Founder of reusable water bottle brand JOCO shares tips for being a sustainable traveller. Photo: Getty

According to intrepid traveller and founder of reusable water bottle brand JOCO, Matt Colegate it’s as simple as a little foresight.

“All it requires is a little planning and being equipped with solutions. Once you’ve done these, it actually becomes more convenient to be using solutions that reduce waste,” he explains to Green + Simple.

Here are his top tips for being a sustainable traveller:

1. Bring reusable cutlery

While you’re traveling a lot of meals are eaten on the go in environments that provide single-use plastic cutlery. By bringing your own cutlery, you’ll avoid the waste of these disposables and the plastic they’re wrapped in.

2. Bring your own shampoo, conditioner and shower gel

Unfortunately, many hotels and homestays that offer these product minis will toss them after your visit, regardless of if you use a few drops or the entire bottle. Opt to bring your own.

3. Try the local markets for produce

One of the best things about traveling is fresh, local food. If you’re cooking during your travels, try to find a local market or small vendor. They often have much less plastic packaging than large chain grocers.

4. Remember your own headphones

Headphones provided by the airline are always wrapped in single-use plastic for hygiene reasons which is disposed of after use – only to be repackaged again. So pack your own!

5. Bring a reusable water bottle

Because one of the most important things to remember while travelling, and flying, is to stay hydrated!

For more tips and advice, visit Green + Simple.

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